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Monday, 28 May 2018

Ubisoft E3 2018 Lineup will reveal games like Transference, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and many more

Based on the last video from Ubisoft, 2018 could be a year to unload your wallet 

The Ubisoft E3 conference is on June 11

Games like Transference, Tom Clancy Division 2, Starlink Battle of the Atlas is Expected to release after E3. Thus the release date, Price of the games will be announced in the Showcase of the event

Transference is Psychological thriller game expected with  extreme VR experience 

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is a Third Person Shooter Game and will a successor of Tom Clancy's The Division


Sunday, 3 September 2017

IBM's A.I is the next level?

Artificial Intelligence - the current and future generation in Computers which is merely like producing an Artificial Human Brain which should break the fourth wall between the users and the machine. Lot of works have done well by machine learning and advanced level protocols to list out the Artificial Intelligence on the board.

Deep Learning our Neural networks ain't a small piece of cake, It needs lot of physical constrains and hectic set of algorithm patterns.These Alpha Go,Image recognition, voice assistants, language translations etc are the bleeding edge technological aspects that have been working well on grounds. " Catastrophic forgetting " meant the exact word here with responding to the effects of malfunctions of A.I where the process have to start from the first at 12th clock.
The Human mind is basically built on the conversational aspect where it can retain attention from previous undone tasks where the A.I fails to. Human brain can actually make connections between the past experience and current problem to create an insight and proceeds with it. Statistical AI can make recognition just like human brain but can't apply logic into it where as Symbolic AI can apply logic into it but in real time that's a moo point.
Concept of A.I
DeepMind : An A.I technological company have recently made a survey based on the Artificial Intelligence as a matter of fact by creating a neural network to apply the relational reasoning to those tasks. and it made out a thrash of those neurons applying own specific recognition. In June it happened to made up on the desk again and was commanded to : "There is an object in front of the blue thing; does it have the same shape as the tiny cyan thing that is to the right of the gray metal ball?" it correctly identified the object in question 96 percent of the time. 

"Neural network learning is typically engineered and it's a lot of work to actually come up with a specific architecture that works best. It's pretty much a trial and error approach" said Irina Rish, IBM's research staff member.
It also said that Input Mechanism plays the key role here in understanding between attention algorithm and neural network where she also said " Attention is a reward- driven mechanism " the higher the reward the higher the attention is created. Attention mechanism's first victim is Image Recognition and they're here to Oxford dataset which is primarily architectural images (cityscapes).

IBM: When presented with new set of data it's neurotic system begins forming new and far better connection between 'em and older ones are eliminated from biased connections. " It's a way to adapt deep networks " said Rish. 

 These advanced technology aspect might get bean bags to AI community for IBM, where Rish's team works on Internal Attention. This attention model creates cover for short term, active, thought process while memory portion enables the network to streamline its function depending on current situation.
As an end phrases and epithet Rish said 
I would say at least a few decades -- but again that's probably a wild guess. What we can do now in terms of, like, very high-accuracy Image recognition is still very, very far from even a basic model of human emotions,We're only scratching the surface
So the lime light is no long for IBM ? and they're in the Go-Kart with other AI companies (Duh, Google). Let's embrace our fortune and attached to the strings of Orbacles.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Sharp 8K Aquos 70 inch TV is pretty awesome.

We've been using the highest pixel resolution in recent times for better enhancement for our naked eyes, and here comes the SHARP TELEVISIONS to crack the code of 4K display and bringing up their own 8K Television for which the users can have fun with. But did they exposed it well to the audience?
Well Let's Look into it deep.
Sharp Televisions Inc. have turned up with the highest pixel resolution ever in television a day before with resolution as 70-inch Aquos 8K TV. That is which is the resolution 8K (7,680 x 4,320) resolution is 16 times that of your old Full HD TV (1920 x 1080).With Compatible to Dolby Vision HDR and BDA-HDR (for Blu-ray players). And also the company registered a fact that the pixels are million-ally used for better enhancement which is not even visible for naked eyes. Wait, What? Are they making televisions for super powers that have more visual abilities than Human?
  Well That statement kind of gave gasping moments to all at once. And another point to notice is that these kind of Resolution-al values won't turn up bigger development in visual abilities because you can't see the picture once the pixels are larger and numerous when you distance yourself from the Display. That also meant that these kinds are good for PC monitor or a part of Gaming console.But Definitely not as Television as you can't watch it from a distance at your couch. Might cause you trouble at your bowel movements. 
source : sharp Malaysia

This Company's parent company also had plans to release this Television in Japan and China first then taiwan on February 2018 where for Germany it's going to be Re-purposed as model LV-70X500E which comes in sale this March 2018. Where NHK WORLD the japan's broadcasting medium have started telecasting and broadcasting their contents already on 8K, so which the Sharp televisions target would achieve it's intention over Japan at first place.

Also matter of fact that Sharp Televisions have previously released a 85 inches 8K monitor in 2015 as it was the WORLD's FIRST 8K Monitor for $100,000 bucks in JAPAN.And here they are with their New SHARP AQUOS 70 inches 8K (7680 x 4320 ) Television with price hiking at $9,000 or 1 Million YEN. Let's hope the best price bid for this monster.
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Cortana on Alexa and Alexa on Cortana, Amazon and Microsoft integration.

Microsoft and Amazon join to Integrate Cortana and Alexa, Since Microsoft and Amazon are Partnering together, Cortana users will be able to access Alexa and Alexa users will be able to access Cortana.

cortana alexa collaboration

So Person using an Alexa to talk to Cortana Should say 
"Alexa, open Cortana"
hey cortana

and Someone using Cortana to talk to Alexa Should say
"Cortana, open Alexa"

As Microsoft announced
"First-of-its-kind collaboration with Amazon between Cortana and Alexa that will offer more choice, value, and access to both intelligent personal assistants"
and it is First of its kind collaboration.

According to Microsoft, this collaboration will allow you to access Alexa devices via Cortana on Windows 10 PC.
This will be available later this year followed by Android and iOS in the future.
You will be able to access Cortana on Alexa enabled devices like Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show.

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, Today in Amazon's Press Release said that;
"The collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon reflects our belief that when people and technology work together everybody wins"
Amazon alexa

What Alexa brings to Cortana?
With Alexa as a Partner on Cortana, users will make the ordering on Amazon way much easier and gives you a great shopping Experience and soon Cortana will have its own Speaker made by Harman Kardon.
Cortana speaker by Harman Kardon

What Cortana brings to Alexa?
With Cortana as a Partner on Alexa devices, Alexa users can use Cortana's Productivity which helps you stay Organized with your Appointments on your calendar, set reminders, Cortana helps you in a number of ways. All you have to do is ask your Alexa device "Open Cortana".

Cortana on Alexa enabled devices and Alexa on Cortana enabled devices will happen later this year. 

Friday, 25 August 2017

CIA also spied the neighbouring Government organisations - Wikileaks

Express-lane the Application that captured all the biometric records from Government services like FBI, CBP, DHS and NSA.


The Biometric device must have support for USB.

This malware creates hidden partition and the output from the biometric is stored

This malware creates an executable  as  installer of  CROSS MATCH mobs update and splashes an installer but silently creates a partition and starts logging the biometric information of the company workers

this tools remains persistent and keeps storing the data  until application "ExitRamp" is executed which decrypts the collected data to an external flash drive

Probably ExitRamp is secretly executed during System assistance or System Maintainance

For Official Documentation  WikiLeaks

UPDATE: Crossmatch is the same organization that proposed Indian Government for Aadhar BioMetric Verification. So there could be further Chance's CIA also have the all the access for Aadhar Database

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Android O for Oreo

After an Easter Egg of Android O for Octopus, and Months of  Wait Android Revealed the name for Android's next Version 8.0, Previously known as Android O Which is now Officially Android Oreo

Android O Oreo Superhero

Android Tweeted Immediately after the Total Solar Eclipse

Google has already made use of  Brands like NestlĂ© and Hershey's on Naming Android 4.4 KitKat.

And the Official Android Oreo Statue has been unveiled at a Press Event in New York City which also coincided with the Total Solar Eclipse in the US.
This statue is Oreo Superhero Themed as we can see in Dave Burke (Mr.Android) Tweet.
Along the Revelation of Android Oreo Google also announced Android Oreo is available today through Google's Android Open Source Project!
OTA  will be first available to Pixel and Nexus devices.

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Arya Stark's Kill List

Arya Stark is now a fierceful Faceless Assasin trained in Braavos at House of Black and White, She is one of the Starks who is Alive at Winterfell ruling, she had a list of people to Kill who gives trouble to Her or Her friends and families.
Arya stark of winterfell
Arya Stark
Most of them are dead by now but let's see, who were in The list who still are and their Status.

Who was in her List but No longer are
King Joffrey
Joffrey Baratheon
He made it into Arya's List for a couple of reasons, for being one who is the reason for the Execution of her friend Mycah(Butcher's Boy), and Her Father Eddard(Ned) Stark, he has more reason than Anyone to Make it to Her List.

Dead. Poisoned at his own Wedding AKA Purple Wedding by Olenna Tyrell and Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger, The only thing is Arya didn't get to Finish him off. 

Tywin Lannister
Tywin lannister of casterly rock
Tywin Lannister
He is the Mastermind Behind the So called Red Wedding where Her Mother Catelyn Stark and her Brother Robb Stark were butchered at Walder Frey's The Twins with a Message Lannisters Send Their Regards

Dead. His own Son Tyrion shot him with a Crossbow while he was Using toilet at King's Landing, two arrows from Crossbow plunged through his Body, Arya's upset that she didn't get the chance to kill him.

Thoros of Myr

Thoros of Myr
Thoros of Myr

Same reason as of Beric Dondarrion for Selling Gendry to Melisandra Red Priestess and releasing The Hound.  

Thoros of Myr attacked by Zombie Polar Bear
Thoros of  Myr Death
Dead. Gets Teared up by a Zombie Polar Bear while going for a Hunt on a White Walker Beyond the Wall, so now Beric can't be back from Dead.  

Names She herself Crossed off from Her List
polliver game of thrones
The reason, why he made it to the list, as he is the one who killed her friend Lommy with her Sword "Needle".
Dead. The first one Arya kills who is from the list, she kills him with her Needle Piercing through his throat at an inn somewhere North. Killing him is where she gets her needle back and starts crossing of the Names of her List starting with him.

Rorge game of thrones
For threatening to rape her and for Torturing people at Harrenhal.
Dead. Arya killed him Piercing her Needle through his heart when he tried to Attack The Hound for the bounty on his head.

Ser Meryn Trant
Ser Meryn Trant
Meryn Trant
For killing Syrio Forel Arya's Water Dancing Teacher.
Ser Meryn Trant Death
Meryn Trant Death

Dead. So very Dead,Get's Himself dead at a Brothel in Braavos,  he gets stabbed in his both eyes, Arya Tells who she is and Slits his throat. This was the first time when Arya uses a Face from the Hall of Faces.

Walder Frey
Frey at Twins
Walder Frey
Don't you Know the Cruelest thing Happened in Game of Thrones, do you Want me to remind you about Red Wedding and The Man who Orchestrated it?
Walder Frey's death
Walder Frey Death
Dead.The Death we enjoyed after Purple Wedding of Joffrey, Epic kill ever by Arya serving him the Pie made out of his Lotha Walder and Black Walder and Slitting his Throat.

One's Who is still Breathing
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister in Iron Throne
Cersei Lannister
She is the one who Accuses Ned Stark, Arya's father of Treason. And puts him in Dark Cell for days which led to his Execution.

Sadly still Alive, i know your feel right, Saddest death is waiting for her by the one She loved I guess it will happen. But let's See will Arya Kills her or not.

Sandor Clegane (The Hound)
Sandor Clegane
The Hound
He is the one who killed Her friend Mycah(Butcher's Boy) on Joffrey's order.
Ser Sandor Clegane The Hound
The Hound
Alive. According to Arya he's dead, Arya left him to die after the One on One combat with Brienne of Tarth, but he got saved by Brother Ray and the Villagers, then he joins with Brotherhood without Banners heading North of the Wall.When their Path crosses again Probably Arya will let him live.

Beric Dondarrion
Beric Dondarrion with flaming Sword
Beric Dondarrion |Photo: HBO
The reason is for selling Gendry to Red Woman Melisandre and Releasing The Hound.

Alive. He died and got Alive for 6 times, according to him it was Lord of the Light who wants him alive and got saved by Thoros of Myr, Now Thoros is dead he has only one life Left. 

Melisandre (Red Woman)
Red woman red priestess
She s the one who took Gendry away to Dragonstone from Brotherhood without banners.

Alive, for a Really long time, she is the one who Introduces King in The North Jon Snow to Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen.When their paths cross Maybe Arya will let her live since Gendry is alive and Jon Snow is Alive only because of her.

Ser Ilyn Payne
Ser Ilyn Payne

He is the one Who Executed Ned Stark on Joffrey's order.

Alive. We haven't seen him for a Long time since Battle of BlackWater.

Ser Gregor Clegane(The Mountain)
Ser Gregor Clegane
The Mountain
He made it to the list because of Torturing people back at Harrenhal, and also for raiding in the Riverlands

Walking Dead, Oberyn killed him at the Trial by Combat for Tyrion, but disgraced Maester Qyburn brings him alive with his experiments.

Photo Credits | Game of Thrones Wikia

Let's see who Arya is gonna strike out of her List Next.
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