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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Wonder Woman, Witness The Future of Justice! Everything you should have known Before

Wondering what are all the Wonders WONDER WOMAN can do? 

I am Wondered to present you the Wonders of Wonder Woman.

WONDER Woman, the name insists you what she can do.
Wonder Woman is the fictional SuperHeroine who appears in American comic books by DC comics.

Before She was Wonder Woman she was Diana, The Princess of the Amazons,

According to Greek Mythology, The Amazons are the Race of Warrior Woman living free from Men.

she was the Warrior Princess of the Amazonians, She was trained to be an Unconquerable Warrior.


NAME:         Diana Prince

AGE:            5000 Years Approx.

SPECIES:     Amazonian

ORIGIN:      Themyscira aka Paradise Island

MOTHER:     Queen Hyppolyta 

ABILITIES:  Expert Hand to Hand Combatant, 
                    SuperHuman Strength.

WEAPONS:   Indestructible Bracelets of Submission,
                    Lasso of Truth,
                    Sword of Athena and 
                    Wonder Woman's Shield.

AKAs:          Wonder Woman,
                   Daughter of Zeus,
                   Princess of The Amazons,
                   Princess Diana of Themyscira'
                   Goddess of War.

Diana With  Amazon Woman 



Her Origin story was, Her Mother formed her with clay and she was brought to life by the Greek Gods.
But that was changed after the New Reboot 52 and in that Reboot, it was said that the Wonder Woman is the Daughter of Zeus.(This is the Story the New Movie Follows)
Zeus - King of Gods.


Amazons, as I mentioned before they are the race of warrior woman living free from men, Which is inspired from Greek Mythology.
Amazons are well-trained in and for Combat, in which Diana is the best hand to hand Combatant.
As her mother Queen Hippolyta is the queen of Amazons it makes Diana as the Princess of the Amazons who live all along in Themyscira(Paradise Island).


Her Super Powers were Result of blessings from the Gods.
She gets her Superhuman strength as a blessing from Demeter.
Demeter - Goddess of Earth. 
And Super Speed as a blessing from Hermes.
Hermes - God of Messengers.
And also blessed with the powers by Aphrodite
Aphrodite - Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation
Diana is Also the Goddess of War.


She Possesses much of her Strength by channeling her Mental power into physical abilities. Her strength comes from her training and the Blessings from the Gods.
In addition to these strengths and powers, She was also equipped With More powerful Weapons 

Lasso of Truth: 

It is the primarily Weapon, which is a magical golden rope that forces anyone it captures, to tell the truth, and obey her orders. The lasso was formed from the Girdle of Aphrodite which made it indestructible.

Diana With Lasso Of  Truth

Bracelets of Submission:

Bracelet of Submission is given to every Amazon at the age of 15, the age in which they pledge themselves to Aphrodite. This is the primarily defense Amazon use against their opponents to deflect Bullets.

With Bracelets of Submission

Sword of Athena:

This is the Sword She wields while fighting as Wonder Woman, It is a Magical Armament and it has ancient engraving of Greek Writing on both the sides which quote "Life is killing life all the time and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal." and it also has A symbol which represents Amazons of Themyscira.

With Sword of Athena

Wonder Woman's Shield:

It is a Magical Armament which Wonder Woman uses to protect herself From Powerful attacks. Much like her sword her Shield too is Engraved with the Ancient Greek Writing which depicts the same along its Rim and has the symbol too to represent the Amazons of Themyscira.

With Wonder Woman's Shield

Justice League
Justice League is the team of Super Heroes put together to protect Earth from External Threats, Threats which are too big for any single person to handle, Put together by Diana Prince(Wonder Woman) and Bruce Wayne(Batman). Initially, this Team is of Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen(The Flash), Arthur Curry(Aquaman), Victor Stone(Cyborg) and Clark Kent(Superman) who later joined the team returning from the Grave.

Here is the Latest Wonder Woman Origin Trailer officially released by Warner Brothers, Take a Look.

These are all the Wonders of the Wonderful WONDER WOMAN.

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