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Monday, 20 March 2017

Another New Handset "Phone By Google" new leaked concept images of Pixel 2

Phone By Google Version 2

Lately from MWC17 Samsung Teased With their New Device S8, on follow to that the Internet was fully Filled with Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks.
In a way the device was simply Awesome and it's few day away from official release which will be on 29th March 2017, let's see the performance and Review of the device as soon as it got released.
After the leaks of the S8 devices, The leaked images of the 
"Phone By Google"
Google inc.

Is floating up to the surface. Yeah the next Model of the Yesteryear's Flagship Device "Google Pixel", and this time it's "Google Pixel 2" even this device will have two variants Pixel 2 & Pixel XL 2.
Images of these devices came upto the surface of the Internet, and These are the images.

Take a look @ Google Pixel 2 Image Credits:Benjamin Geskin
Front View #GoBezelless Image credits:Benjamin Geskin
Back Side view. Wherever you go, Dual Lens camera is the new Trend  Image Credits:Benjamin Geskin

The layout of the mobile is pretty equal to that of the S8 in the front with a less Bezel Screen in the front, but it's not the same on the back. At back the Pixel Device seems to be packed with the Dual Lens Camera , on the last year's pixel device Camera made out from almost all the smartphones that made a come out and the Pixel's Camera Stood above all, with its camera and the Google Assistant packed in to the device Google made a stunning Debut and gained a name and trust from the end users.
Let's see what Google is upto with its next new Device.
We will cover that for you.

Well it be a Flagship device of 2017 ?
Will it Outweigh Samsung S8 (My inner voice is like "Hell Yeah").
Anyway if you think it will be a Flagship let us know in the Comments below, let's have a discussion or debate.
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