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Sunday, 26 March 2017

' Android O ' changes the scale of Customisation? Here's a tittle-tattle about 'Android O'

Hey Everyone it's quite a long time we met, since we're boosting up our technical sessions here we are with a physical pull to feed your brain with lots of dimensions that open up into a virtual world that we've been thinking of. By the way this article is all about 'Android O' and the preview edition that has just released everywhere to emancipate the over all experience. Pass on your seat belts!
Android O - Developer Preview.

The Developer Preview Version of the Android O has been implanted in specific 'Google' Devices for the better report on stuff they need, where in that some people have been working on their codes just to make an impact to full fledged experience of 'O' where another group of people share their SETTINGS updated in 'O'.  But if you want to preview the developer edition just do it at your own risk without even blaming your 'seeder' for it. Now let's start our analysis by the new features opted out by Android O :

Sound and Picture Updates

Sound:LDAC support for Hi-Fi Bluetooth Audio has been upgraded here in 'O'
Picture:Wide Gamut color have been upgraded and enabled in 'O'
 but these are yet to be announced and will later in the I/O event this spring but if you want to take risk and patch the file Go Ahead., Considering your care We people at strongly not-recommend this act. 

GIF Portraying the Settings based Changes in 'Android O '. Pic Credits : natt garun

Alarm & Snooze at notification:

Okay, aren't you lazy or vee-ing to set your alarm back to normal at your morning ? You  need a solution of solving it (Snooze) it without sliding out and opening the app? Yeah. Solution is here in this update, You can control your Alarm settings in the notification panel itself other than revolving your mobile at half sleepy mode. you can even snooze,change time,turn off etc which is mainly considered as a PRO for Office-goers.
Boring Alarm Sessions^


Aren't you bored of maintaining a Grey bimetallic look at your settings all the time? like those princess dreams of fairy-tales the colors should just pop out, Shouldn't they? Nope,considering the 'peace' with customers Android brings 'White' color for Search bars, Settings, Notification Panel and where and all it needs pacification.

Color Patterns in Android - A Glimpse.

User Interface Modifications:

While considering the UI  race going between companies Google.Inc brings you to their Roller Coaster which always goes up, influencing the UI commodities.The Battery bar no more consist of the useful battery graph instead  a big icon is displayed, Adaptive Brightness and sleep combines together and shares the space, and You can no more see the Date below Time and notifications of apps will be enabled only with showing the Apps and you should just double-tap on it to proceed.
with Gear icon showing settings on top with customizing navigation bar, do not disturb to the down of the page.

Quite Annoying ,right?

Google's UI during launch of G+.

Launcher Friendly
This whole Google Flagship mobile thing is at high peaks where now you not only can change Black-White Colors also enables any kind of launcher in your device with friendly error less customization from Google.Inc
Launchers- Best Way to have fun.

And so yeah these were the Top Functions which have been noticed in the Developer Preview of Android O and we intentionally looking forward to it.

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