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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Every iPhone 8 Leaks Confirms Apple going Huge

We've Been Getting Apple's Next iPhone, iPhone 8. Ever Since the Release of iPhone 7 series, leaks of iPhone 8 have been coming to the Surface and They all Are being pointed with same specifications.

Rumoured iPhone 8
Photo: Benjamin Geskin
This iPhone 8 series Maybe bringing down 3 New Models, just maybe everything following is too.

Things That Made Us go WoW 
iPhone 8 rumoured to be having completely new entry to the Smartphone industry, That's what Apple does each and every time they may be even removing old or adding a new thing.
Likewise, What's so new about the new iPhone might Awe us.
iPhone 8 Concept
Photo:iDROP News

Hidden Touch ID
 By seeing the image you might be Confused like Apple removing Touch ID too, No they are not removing them but they hiding them behind your Display, Yes you heard that right Touch ID is kept hidden under your Screen the Main part of the New Innovation with Apple iPhone.
Since it is the first try they might be Somewhat in developing stage which will surely be upgraded in after models. That's what they doing and they will be continuing the same.

Fully Screen
 Upcoming coming iPhone is to go Bezel-less in a whole different way, The closest we can compare them is with Samsung Galaxy S8 but iPhone is doing it differently.
As you can see the renders you can screen No bezels covering the front body excluding the Iris scanner front facing camera is too rumoured differently but in the present renders they don't be behind the Screen.
So yeah then size and the video experience is getting a whole new level too, it's Apple they does things which others haven't, so probably they doing it this awesome.
Fully Screen iPhone 8
Photo: onleaks

3D Vertical Dual-lens Camera
In the Next iPhone, it is said that The Camera is getting a breakthrough if they are using 3D technology with the smartphone camera, in ways Which will Leap Apple Forward in the Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality way.
Camera for the Phone will be provided by LG if they gonna use 3D technology because they already have an Optimus 3D smartphone and they have been working on this for more time than others.

iPhone is Expected to include 10W USB C for Faster Charging
Latest news from sources are iPhone Might include 10W USB C charging for faster and better charging of the device.
So it will be lightning USB C, 10W Power adapter to power the New iPhone 8.
iPhone to include 10W Power Adapter for Faster Charging
photo: Benjamin Geskin

Other Specifications
iPhone 8 Expected Specs
Photo: iDrop News 

These are all the Jaw-Dropping New features which Next iPhone Might be having.
If this Comes true Smartphone industry will transform to the Next phase of new advanced engineered techs for gadgets.

Let's wait and see What happens, To get immediate updates Follow us on Social Media.

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