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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Game Of Thrones - Winter Is Here. Latest Updates

Cold Wind Blowing Winter Is Here!, Watch out For The latest trailer and the updates through it, and character posters of the Game of Thrones.
It's the Ultimate War Coming to the Show, The Army of Dead is raising against the living.
Winter Is Here ❄❅❆

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Character Poster
Get the Original quality of the Poster here.
If You Watch Series Then it's Sure that you Know Game Of Thrones, And it's on the Top Of The Table. If you are new to the Throne the You must Probably check out this Video For Sure By Samuel L.Jackson

Only days Left for the New Season (Season 7) Game of Thrones have dropped its New Trailer. This is the Second Trailer of #GoTS7, and in this trailer shows that there is a lot to be faced by the living against the dead.
At last this trailer shows the glimpse of the Night King and his army of the dead.

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid Dead is Coming.(May Be Spoilers Ahead)
This trailer shows what we haven't seen in the before one.
Trailer Starts With a Quote By Petyr Baelish
Don't Fight in the North, or the South. Fight every Battle Everywhere. Always in Your Mind.

It seems like Baelish is using his tricks on Sansa, to Rule the North.
The Gates of the Wall is getting opened for Meera and Bran to get in.
Jon Snow is going North of the Wall with his Wildling Friends to get Things done.

Bran Now Can Fly
Yes Bran can fly Now Not exactly he can fly physically, but he is doing that With his ability as a Three Eyed Raven he can see through the Raven,
On doing so, he confronts with the Night King who is ready with the army to attack.
Warging into Crow

Arya is Home(nearly)
In this trailer, it seems like Arya has reached Winterfell where her remaining family possibly be, we have more to see from family rejoining to other incidents like dealing with Petyr.
Arya Stark of Winterfell

Jaime Lannister, Lord Of Casterly Rock
Jaime is now in the Red Cloak of Lannisters and wielding Widow's Wail the Sword of His Bastard(Joffrey).
He is now the only hope, and Love Cersei have *Queen Cersei.
Jaime Lannister in Command

Later in the trailer, it seems like he is commanding the Army of Lannisters against ttheArmy of Dothraki led by the Dragon Queen Dany(Daenerys Targaryen), He pretty much seems lost to her.

Petyr Baelish with his Strategic Mind Games
As on the first trailer, Baelish is seen in the crypt of Winterfell where Jon Confronted him. He might be penetrating Sansa's mind making her rule the Winterfell as true heir, but that won't be happening as Bran is coming home. 
Petyr Baelish in the Crypt

Most probably Baelish won't survive this season, and there is a lot of Fan theory going on, and one of them is Arya Will clear him.Because he is the one who turned Ned with a dagger to the throat to Joffrey, This is possible because Arya Stark have been seen with his Valyrian Dagger in the photos on EW.

Mother of Dragons and Fire
Danaerys at Dragonstone

Danaerys have now reached Dragonstone which is the castle of Targeryans.
Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion 

Dany now has the Largest Army to take down Westeros and rule the seven kingdoms as Queen on the Iron Throne, and that is becoming real she reached out Dragonstone and Sends her army to capture Casterly Rock, which is under the control of Jaime Lannister.
Drogon Carrying Daenerys Targaryen

And Yeah Absolutely there is Dragons, and now the Dragons have grown Huge.

Next Badass Arrived
The next badass villain Following Joffrey and Ramsay, as we know Game of Thrones gives of the baddest villains but this one is something more than the other Two combined, says some crew members.
Euron Greyjoy

He is Euron Greyjoy we already have seen him in the series that he is building the largest fleet and going West to with a marriage proposal to Dany.
Euron Greyjoy's Fleet

I'm thrilled to see what he can, and he will do for his friends and family.

Hound is North
One of the favorable characters in the Series who is a badass fighter called as The Hound, yeah Sandor Clegane have been seen in the snows on both of the trailers of Season 7, he might have joined the Brotherhood and arrived north siding with the Wildlings and Jon to defend from the dead.
The Hound

Man with a Burning Sword
Beric Dondarrion the one who have been brought back from the dead 6 times by the Lord of the Lights he with his Brotherhood without banners accompanying Jon defending the wall from White Walkers.
Beric Dondarrion

He is the one assigned to kill The Mountain by Ned Stark.

White Walkers
Night King

Finally, they have shown us the White Walkers.
White Walkers Army led by the Night King which have been through the eyes of the Raven controlled by Bran and they are scary as they have to be, there's more to come.

Bran is Home
Finally, after long seasons there is going to be a Stark family reunion. That is for sure because in this trailer Bran has been seen in the Wheelchair Near the Heart Tree at Winterfell with Davos Seaworth.
Bran at Winterfell
Snow is Out There in the Snow Fighting The Night King
Jon Snow With his Friends

The Most Beloved Character of the show Jon Snow, Clearly he is not Snow anymore.Now he is fighting for the living against the dead.
Jon snow with Tormund

Jon Quotes

For Centuries, our Family Fought Together against their Common Enemy.Despite their differences Together. We need to Do The Same If We're Gonna Survive. 'Cause the Enemy is Real.It's Always Been Real.
Jon Snow at Dragon Stone with Davos

He may be quoting this to Daenerys Targaryen because in this latest trailer he was at the Dragonstone With Davos Seaworth.
Pack of Wildlings

The trailer clearly intimates that Winter is finally here accompanying with White Walkers and the Night King, and it is intensifying that Jon is out there in the snow with his Wildling friends and Brotherhood without Banners fighting against the Night King's army and His commanders.
Jon Snow fighting Walker

And there is a scene that also Shows that Jon, Beric, and Hound(Possibly), fighting the Walker in the Fist of The First Men.
Jon Snow at the Fist of the First Men

Watch the Trailer for Yourself here

Media Credits and Courtesy: HBO 

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