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Monday, 12 June 2017

Gboard The Perfect Keyboard App, Tips and Tricks to Make it Even Great

Google Is Improvising the Keyboard(Gboard) App with Machine Intelligence (Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence)😜.

Reena Lee, Product Manager @Google is Saying that Google's Very Own Keyboard App which recently got blended with Google Search and Formed as Gboard, is getting an upgrade.
But this time the update is in Creative New ways on cutting the time on texting.

This update Mainly Have these three New TricksπŸ˜ƒ
1. More Creative on Selection
This Trick what it does is, in the emoji section on your Gboard shows up a draw icon by which you can select and draw on the space provided in the app and Google bets that it can detect the drawing and find your emoji, isn't that awesome? This might be from one of the Google Experiments.   

Emoji Detection

2. More Personalized Text Predictions
Instead of repeating the same string of words again and again, this time the Gboard understands the context and Predicts and Suggests you the next word or phrase to be entered into the convo. But for Now, this feature is supported only for English and will be rolling out to more Languages ASAP. It's again another great assist from Google for People out there.

Phrase Prediction

3.Google Says 'We'll help you choose the Best'
In this Google will help you choose the best for You.
All you have to do is tap the google icon on the Gboard app in Top Left Corner and type, (Whatever) near me, And itll show you what you asked for with recommendations, ratings, and reviews. So you can map them and go there or call them without switching the app All of these can be done within the single application.

Choose Your one
Google Gboard now supports More than 200 Languages πŸŽ‰

Mainly to try out these cool new Tricks you should be running the latest Version of the Gboard (V6.3).
If you don't own this app, that's not a big deal Get it here.

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Media Credits: The Keyword (Google), Google Play

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