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Monday, 26 June 2017

Every Valyrian Steel Weapons Which We Know and Which We Might Have Missed

We Know there are String of  Blades Which are made of Valyrian Steel.
And there are some which are unknown, There is also Sword(s) which we Might Have Missed in the Series.
"Valyrian steel blades were scarce and costly, yet thousands remained in the world, perhaps two hundred in the Seven Kingdoms alone" 
Quoted by Tyrion Lannister
A Valyrian Steel Blade
Image Credits: Iron Throne RP Wiki 

If you Know things about Game of Thrones, Then you'll know of Valyrian Steel. They are one of Two Weapon which can Kill White Walkers. Another  Being Dragon Glass (Looks like an obsidian).

Valyrian Steel
"Valyrian steel is a fantasy metal. Which means it has magical characteristics, and magic plays a role in its forging"
This is An Exact quote by George R.R.Martin on Valyrian Steel

Valyrian Steel Was discovered in Old Valyria Which has now been doomed, This Steel Was the Dream Choice for each and Every Knight and Soldier for their Weaponry.
The Steel is also said to Be forged with Magic and Spells, This makes the steel Special and gives it Magical Characteristics, Maybe this is the reason that it can Kill White Walkers. They Might have been probably Forged with Dragonfire.
And When the Valyria Was Doomed The Technique and Secret to Make the Valyrian steel Were Lost.

"Valyrian steel was always costly, but it became considerably more so when there was no more Valyria, and the secret of its making were lost."
This Was Quoted by George R.R.Martin 

We Have only Handful of Valyrian Steel Weapons shown in the Tv Show Game Of Thrones, But More was Depicted in The Novel of George R.R.Martin's 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'.    
Here is The Breakdown Of Ones We Know and One we Might have Missed To Notice.

Let us Start the List with Ned (Eddard) Stark's Sword
Ice is the Valyrian GreatSword of House Stark Which was shown in the Very First Episode of the Series When Ned Stark Beheads a Deserter from the Night's Watch Named Gared who was running from the White Walkers.
Ned stark valyrian sword
Ned Stark with Ice

The Same Sword Has been used to behead Ned Stark by Illyn Payne under the order of King Joffrey.
Later in Season 4, The great Sword has been reforged into Two New Swords By Tobho Motto, a blacksmith trained in Qohor, Tywin Lannister is the one who had Tobho Reforge them.
And the Two new Reforged Valyrian Blades are  
Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper.

Let's Get Straight to Them

This is the First Longsword Reforged from Ned's Ice, is given to Jaime Lannister by his Father Tywin Lannister.
But then Jaime Given his sword to Brienne of Tarth, the One Named it Oathkeeper, she Named so because She gave an oath to Catelyn Stark aka Lady Stoneheart that she'll protect her Daughter Sansa.
Oath keeper valyrian sword
OathKeeper Featuring Lion of House Lannisters and their Gold

Brienne is the One Who now Wields it in the Service to Sansa Stark while she's keeping up with her oath to Catelyn.

Widow's Wail
Widow's Wail is Second of the two reforged Valyrian Steel Blades made from Ice The greatsword of House Stark.
Tywin Lannister Gifted The Sword to his Grandson and King Joffrey Baratheon at the So-called Purple Wedding, where he Chops the book which was presented by his uncle Tyrion Lannister and Even the Pigeon Pie of the Feast with The Blade.
widows wail valyrian sword
Widow's Wail Featuring Stag of House Baratheon and Lannister Gold

After that, there comes the moment. Most of the fans cherished, and it is the Death of the Joffrey.
Then the Sword Was retaken to Casterly Rock until Tommen Comes of age to wield it but Unfortunately he Sky Dived without Parachute (Pun Intended).
Now Jaime Lannister has the Widows Wail with Him.

Longclaw was the Ancestral Weapon of House Mormont.

It's my father's sword, and his father before him. The Mormonts have carried it for five centuries. It was meant for my son, Jorah. He brought dishonor to our House... but he had the grace to leave the sword before he fled from Westeros
Quoted by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont 
Longclaw valyrian sword
Longclaw Valyrian Steel Sword

 Jeor Mormont Gave Jon Snow the Longclaw as a Reward for saving his life, and he thought and raised Jon Snow as his Son.
Long claw valyrian sword
Pommel Replaced Longclaw

Before Giving it to Jon, he had the Pommel of the Sword to be a Direwolf Replacing Bear.
This is the Valyrian Sword we have seen in action than any other present in the Show.

This is the Ancestral weapon of House Tarly.
Heartsbane valyrian sword
Heartsbane wilt Featuring Archers

"See that sword? It's called Heartsbane. It's been in our family for 500 years. It's Valyrian steel. Only a handful of them left in the world. It's supposed to go to my firstborn son after I die. To him. He will never wield that sword."
Quoted by Randyll Tarly to Gilly Referring Samwell
Vlyrian sword of tarly
Heartsbane in its Stand

This was in possession of Randyll Tarly, father of Samwell Tarly before Samwell took the Sword which belongs to him by right before leaving to Old Town to become a Maester at the Citadel.

Catspaw Dagger
The dagger used by a Catspaw Assasin who tried to kill Bran Stark, but he couldn't do it because of Catelyn Stark and Bran's Direwolf Summer.
Valyrian dagger
Varys Stating to Catelyn Stark that the Dagger belongs to Petyr Baelish

It is the only Valyrian Weapon That isn't a Sword. The Dagger is said to be boasted with a Handle of Dragonbone.
The origin and the owner of the Dagger isn't well established in the TV series. 
But we think it is the Ancestral Valyrian Dagger of House Targaryen which Rhaegar Targaryen might have used in Robert's Rebellion, which Robert might have picked up from him and Joffrey took that from him and Gives it to Catspaw Assassin to Murder Bran Stark.
Rhaegar Targaryen valyrian steel dagger
The Dagger used for the Assassination of Bran Stark
Image Credits: Flickr
However, it's now in possession of Petyr Baelish even though he said he lost the dagger to Tyrion Lannister in a Bet.
And now The Dagger is been with Arya Stark, which Bran gives to her, Which he gets from Petyr Baelish as a Present in Season 7. 

Other Valyrian Steel Weapons
Lady Forlon- Ancestral Sword of House Corbay currently in possession of Ser Lyn Corbay.

Nightfall- The Ancestral blade of House Harlaw, currently in possession of Ser Harras Harlaw.  

Red Rain- The Sword which is now in possession of House Drumm which was taken hold by them in a raid.
It Could possibly be the Ancestral Sword of House Reyne.

Valyrian Steel Arakh- Which was Wielded by Caggo aka Caggo the Corpsekiller, a sellsword and captain of the Windblown.

Valyrian Steel Axe- This the Axe which was Reputedly possessed by House Celtigar.

Blackfyre- The blade of Aegon the Conqueror which was lost during the Blackfyre Rebellion.

BrightroarThe Ancestral blade of House Lannister. Lost and never Found Last wielded by Tommen || Lannister Who sailed to Valyria and never returned.

LamentationThe Ancestral blade of House Royce, Lost in Storming of the Dragon Pit.

Orphan-MakerThe Ancestral blade of House Roxton, Last known owner was Jon Roxton.

Truth- A Valyrian Steel Sword Whose last known Owner was Moredo Rogare of Lys.

VigilanceThe Ancestral blade of House Hightower, It's Lost known owner was Lord Ormund Hightower.

These are The Valyrian Weapons, and there is a Theory on another Valyrian Weapon Which Belongs to House Targaryen, which we might have Missed in the Series.

Dark Sister
It is a Valyrian Steel sword Wielded by Visenya Targaryen- The Woman Warrior Who Rode Dragon to the Battle.She was said to be the Sister-Wife of Aegon the Conqueror.
"Visenya Targaryen was a great warrior. She had a Valyrian steel sword she called 'Dark Sister'."
Quoted By Arya Stark to Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal

This sword's Last Known Owner was Bryden Rivers Who was the Legitimised Bastard Son of Aegon the Conqueror,
was known as Blood Raven Who was sent to take the Black by Stripping of his Titles.
He was said to be The Three-Eyed Raven in the Weirwood,
If it is true, then a Character in the Series is Wielding the Dark Sister.
In season 6 of Game Of Thrones Meera Reed, and Hodor was with Bran Stark in the Cave under the Weirwood Tree.
When Bran Was marked by the Night King he comes for him with Army of the Dead and Meera was assisted by Children to leave the Cave with Bran.
Meera Reed Grabbing the Sword to Escape From the Cave

When they say it, She Grabs an old Sword Which was in the Cave and Runs to Bran to get him Out of the wall
dark sister valyrian dagger
Meera Reed With The Sword
 If you see around You can see Spears with Dragonglass as Head, and the Weapons Children use are Mostly of Magic Powers, How could they get a sword if it weren't from Men?

If the Three-Eyed Raven is the Blood Raven then Possibly it would be the Dark Sister sword Which Meera currently Having.

Photo Zimbio and Game of Thrones Wikia

If You Have theories That this Couldn't be The Dark Sister Let us Know in the Comment or Tweet us @orbacles.

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