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Friday, 14 July 2017

Google Earth's New Amazing Upgrades.

Google Earth Adds up "Stories" kind of thing ?

Google Earth - the best known knowledge map about Global geological locations and other major places in one glimpse. Also the fact that Google Earth keeps updating it's own format once a while. Now after the recent update on VOYAGER feature add-on. 
The Voyager
The Google Earth is now on another hunch and this time it's going to be Live images and Videos about the locality from the people, which can also be short termed as " Stories " which Instagram legally stole from Snapchat.Inc and which Whatsapp is likely added up on. 

This feature adds you up to upload real life images of you and that particular locality. This means that you should upload your images and images about your locality on your own risk on this medium to create endeavors for Earth. Aren't we a part of it?
Productional Features of Earth

"The story of your family history, the story of your favorite hiking trip – it could be anything. It doesn't have to be profound,"
 Rebecca Moore told Reuters 
Google Earth.

This can also be compared with Snapchat's Map Update that shook the world. Where people does the same thing but here it's too mainstream. Check out our orb about SnapMaps- Snap Maps- Orbacles.
Snap Maps.

The above quote explains better the situation over here. Now people are supposed to get ready for anonymous picture uploads and tearing out location privacy into this Ocean of data.This can also be used as an broadcasting medium just like Twitter's Periscope and Facebook live, etc. So that your live enhancements would make it a big layout on this tool that visualizes the virtual world at much better place.

Google Earth launches "I Am Amazon" series in their Voyager Part now. Which includes Images,Text,Videos and 360 VR also. 
I Am Amazon.

This series can't be uploaded/modify by people but Google team camped at Amazon to shoot stuff about this. So Google Team (Earth Team) will travel the world to record everything that contains this hemisphere? 
Let's wait and watch the Play.

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