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Friday, 25 August 2017

CIA also spied the neighbouring Government organisations - Wikileaks

Express-lane the Application that captured all the biometric records from Government services like FBI, CBP, DHS and NSA.


The Biometric device must have support for USB.

This malware creates hidden partition and the output from the biometric is stored

This malware creates an executable  as  installer of  CROSS MATCH mobs update and splashes an installer but silently creates a partition and starts logging the biometric information of the company workers

this tools remains persistent and keeps storing the data  until application "ExitRamp" is executed which decrypts the collected data to an external flash drive

Probably ExitRamp is secretly executed during System assistance or System Maintainance

For Official Documentation  WikiLeaks

UPDATE: Crossmatch is the same organization that proposed Indian Government for Aadhar BioMetric Verification. So there could be further Chance's CIA also have the all the access for Aadhar Database

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