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Friday, 18 August 2017

All you need to know about the SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21.

Solar Eclipse -the prominent word we've been hearing since past week and awaiting for another one which cordially takes place on Aug 21 of 2017. Here's the whole point on stressing about the Solar Eclipse is because of 1918's massacre according to FHWA that many people were actually died in the road accident because of the strokes from sun were too high as that lead others to get off the grid and so as to bring up the event of misery. 
Total solar eclipse image
Total Solar Eclipse | Photo: NASA
Like wise will this year's solar eclipse be anything like that? we don't think so right?
 Yeah, This year's Solar Eclipse won't affect others likewise it did last time. Now people in US wants to know whether this time they can evidence the appearance of solar eclipse that's about to happen. This is like 60-90 chances only, the sun apparently won't be that bright this time and it seemed to be an act of boring to see a half naked sun in spite of other things says few. people aren't half interested and the other half is ready to get into the act. But what should be considered as a tool of awareness? Yeah there are bag of certain rules to produce yourself onto it. 

1. Don't watch the totality with your naked bare eyes even you'll get chances of permanent eye blindness no matter of risks.
2. Don't try watching with telescopes and binoculars which lead every other one to go rage.
 3.Don't try wasting time on photographing it. Many experts would take better than others so don't miss the totality with lame excuses like this.
4. Don't wear those sunglasses (eclipse) all the time even after eclipse is done. it may cause you temporary irritation.
5. Sunglasses are not good enough. The eclipse glasses must be approved with "ISO 123.12.2" designation.

Why is this eclipse is so hyped actually ?

On Monday, the “path of totality” referenced by Pinkney will be an eastward progressing, 70-mile-wide streak from Oregon to South Carolina. The moon’s shadow will move across the United States at over 1,000 mph and, in its path, total darkness will fall for as long as 2 minutes, 38 seconds.Ohio is not in the path of totality, although Pinkney notes that every U.S. resident will be able to observe at least a partial eclipse Monday. 
So even though the moon passes between the Earth and the sun every lunar cycle, creating the monthly new moon phase, the shadow cast does not always reach the Earth due to our planet and the moon operating on different planes.
Science and math say there are two “eclipse seasons” a year, occurring every 5.7 months, creating a minimum two solar eclipses annually, each visible in a very limited area.
Not every solar eclipse is a “total solar eclipse,” however. There’s also the “partial” eclipse, during which the three bodies don’t align in a perfectly straight line, meaning the moon casts only the outer part of its shadow; an “annular” eclipse, when the moon covers the sun’s center, leaving the sun’s visible outer edges to form a ring (or annulus) around the moon; and a “hybrid” eclipse, which changes its appearance as the moon’s shadow moves across the Earth’s surface. 
 Soldiers in Cambodia reportedly shot bullets into the air as recently as 1995, hoping to scare a mythic dragon from the sky.
And in 1991, astronomers in Baja, California, witnessed the “weeping and wailing” of hotel staff who were “terrified by the onset of darkness.”
Check out the official statement of NASA for more to know about the risks of ISO branded Eclipse glasses  :-

Stay Close to Orbacles.

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