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Friday, 18 August 2017

Apple's Secure - Enclave decryption Key goes online

Secure Enclave Processor Handles all the cryptographic operations in the IOS device
SEP is first embedded in iPhone  5S, and SEP is completely isolated from the Device module's and manages the activities like Touch-ID, ICloud verification, and other security features 

The SEP generates UID which varies from device-to-device, once SEP is decrypted Gaining UID value from the device is simple 

Apple Key was released Here, Using the executable version of this Code  the SEP can be decrypted

According to Apple Spokesperson about SEP,

 The customer Data is safe and it's not an easy leap to say it would make getting at customer data possible 
Though it's difficult to decrypt SEP, it's still possible to develop exploits that can reset iCloud Activation or bypass touch ID payment process.

SEP decryption will help researchers find new bugs in the Touch-ID. Brace Yourselves.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Apple Released their Developer beta 5 for iOS 11

Apple reportedly dropped another beta version for your most Favoured iOS. 
Beta 5 for iOS 11has been released.
ios 11 beta 5
iOS 11 | Photo: Apple

As the new device is getting added to the iPhone list, at an Apple event in the month of September, until that we aren't gonna see iOS 11 fully finished.

This Beta(iOS beta 5) is only available to the Developers who pay 99$ a year to access new Developer beta, if you are one of them then it will be available at most in a couple of days.

Every Apple's OS has got a new beta update including watchOS 4 and tvOS 11.

What's New in the beta 5
 This bet mainly focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes to make a completely complete iOS 11 for the event in September. Apple is backing off for now from the feature they promised, and it is the feature to store the Messages Database in iCloud which won't be ready for iOS 11.0.
New Cool Things
  • You can drag and drop App icons, files and more across the OS
  • New Files app and App switcher to make managing your documents more easy
  • Apple's AR kit framework has been added under the Hood to the OS to make Augmented reality more accessible for Apple users.
  • Totally redesigned Control center, so now you can customize your Shortcuts
The Upcoming iOS 11 is going to feel like a totally Brand new Software platform for the iPad and iPhone, which will be available to everyone within a week after the iPhone 8 Launch event in September.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

HomePod firmware reveals Iphone 8 looks

Apple.INC the famous smart-phones company that had created evolution in the whole wide brand endorsement and now marching towards it's Next milestone with Bezel-less design for it's new iPhone. The iPhone8

Disclaimer : The following news is derived from the tweets of Steve H. (via twitter) 

Apple.INC recently released the firmware of its upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod. It sounds like it was pushed out somewhat sooner than anticipated as it should turn out until in the not so distant future. Steve Troughton-Smith exploited that to discover that the following iPhone will highlight facial acknowledgment and a fresh out of the box new "bezel-less" plan. 

While facial acknowledgment isn't new, Steve Troughton-Smith discovered references to infra-red face open in Biometric-Kit, the structure behind Touch ID. 

Licenses and past gossipy tidbits as of now indicated facial acknowledgment for the iPhone 8. Gossip has it that Apple could either compliment or supplement the Touch ID unique finger impression sensor with a fresh out of the box new facial acknowledgment innovation. 

Codenamed Pearl ID, the element should give you a chance to open your iPhone oblivious, regardless of the possibility that you're taking a gander at your telephone from a bizarre edge with your face incompletely blocked.

 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar also leaked in the Apple Pay framework for macOS. If Apple follows its usual pattern, the company should reveal new iPhone models in early September. Let's just hope and wait for it like we did for the early versions.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

World Emoji Day, Apple innovates new emoji's

July 17th the Day of Emoji went unnoticed by techies until Tim Cook tweeted about the new emoji meant that to be rolled out for iDevices this year 

Apple announced upcoming emojis' will be available by this year for all IOS 11 Device's

Emoji's  listed in Apple official NewsRoom  
This Emoji's Cultivate's the characters from Movies and series like

Jurassic Park T-Rex
Game of thrones Emilia Clarke
Aladin                  genie
Walking Dead Zombies

The new  emotags are encouraged  throughout social media

This new Emoji's also Spread Nation's pride and  cultures  like Yoga,  Burka  and much more to the people

FB-Emojis used across the Globe 
Without emoji, messaging  would not be something usual people would prefer to use in their every day's communication

This emoji's from apple will have support for Macintosh, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Every iPhone 8 Leaks Confirms Apple going Huge

We've Been Getting Apple's Next iPhone, iPhone 8. Ever Since the Release of iPhone 7 series, leaks of iPhone 8 have been coming to the Surface and They all Are being pointed with same specifications.

Rumoured iPhone 8
Photo: Benjamin Geskin
This iPhone 8 series Maybe bringing down 3 New Models, just maybe everything following is too.

Things That Made Us go WoW 
iPhone 8 rumoured to be having completely new entry to the Smartphone industry, That's what Apple does each and every time they may be even removing old or adding a new thing.
Likewise, What's so new about the new iPhone might Awe us.
iPhone 8 Concept
Photo:iDROP News

Hidden Touch ID
 By seeing the image you might be Confused like Apple removing Touch ID too, No they are not removing them but they hiding them behind your Display, Yes you heard that right Touch ID is kept hidden under your Screen the Main part of the New Innovation with Apple iPhone.
Since it is the first try they might be Somewhat in developing stage which will surely be upgraded in after models. That's what they doing and they will be continuing the same.

Fully Screen
 Upcoming coming iPhone is to go Bezel-less in a whole different way, The closest we can compare them is with Samsung Galaxy S8 but iPhone is doing it differently.
As you can see the renders you can screen No bezels covering the front body excluding the Iris scanner front facing camera is too rumoured differently but in the present renders they don't be behind the Screen.
So yeah then size and the video experience is getting a whole new level too, it's Apple they does things which others haven't, so probably they doing it this awesome.
Fully Screen iPhone 8
Photo: onleaks

3D Vertical Dual-lens Camera
In the Next iPhone, it is said that The Camera is getting a breakthrough if they are using 3D technology with the smartphone camera, in ways Which will Leap Apple Forward in the Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality way.
Camera for the Phone will be provided by LG if they gonna use 3D technology because they already have an Optimus 3D smartphone and they have been working on this for more time than others.

iPhone is Expected to include 10W USB C for Faster Charging
Latest news from sources are iPhone Might include 10W USB C charging for faster and better charging of the device.
So it will be lightning USB C, 10W Power adapter to power the New iPhone 8.
iPhone to include 10W Power Adapter for Faster Charging
photo: Benjamin Geskin

Other Specifications
iPhone 8 Expected Specs
Photo: iDrop News 

These are all the Jaw-Dropping New features which Next iPhone Might be having.
If this Comes true Smartphone industry will transform to the Next phase of new advanced engineered techs for gadgets.

Let's wait and see What happens, To get immediate updates Follow us on Social Media.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Apple's ARKit is coming up real fast - vanquishing Google's TANGO.

Get Ready to tweak your nerves, Apple is going to be the first company with full fledged and complete Augmented Reality experience to the field before others do. Yay, Apple's ARKIT is going to be the first Augmented Reality work-space in mobile's experience at the next level.

In the previous WWDC 2017  Craig Federighi said ARKIT as "the largest and fully functional AR platform in the present world". Everybody got into a mind buzz that can Apple make it? Trust us, Apple is actually making it to be the first and fastest well developed Aug-Reality experience. This is in reference with Google's Tango. Where Google's Tango is currently on floors stage only and ARKIT has unveiled it's working prototype which by the way seems so familiar and promising that Apple is going to Shake-it-Off.

Twitter handle.

It's just the matter of fact that Apple has been continuously sued for copy-cat stuff which by the way it should break it's fourth wall and roar to its own way out there. ARkit is the only chance for Apple to prove out the column of endangered cutting edge technology. Apple's here for the rescue way to it's lime light again. 
Today ARkit's Official Twitter handle @madewithARKit 
unveiled the working prototypes of the Apple's new Augmented Reality Sc-apes. This thing has already been out since 2009 in Apple's Layar and people aren't compelled using it. this can be said in such a way like Super Mario bros and Super Mario unveiled at E3 2017.
This can also be clarified with  GOOGLE'S TANGO that since tango is working under its scheduled flag marks and here we have ARkit with already making stuff up.

Here we've a Glimpse about TANGO - Source - Google.

And it's also known to be the competent to Google's MEASURE app that's always been supportive only for Android. there's another working DEMO by Google on it's TANGO Project which clearly states that this 
Measuring Demo by Apple unveiled this evening is actually copied from Google's Measure or vice versa ?

1) Look at this

2) Now Look at this 


Quite Quite familiar right?

The people who don't mind about drastic changes in phone specifications or design, the differentiation between devices has always been the same.

  Apple's iPhone might be convenient than Google's Tango devices and with iOS 11 it will have much better AR functionalities than its closest Android competent. So if we're looking for the AR innovation machine that will take the technology into the mainstream, Apple might hook up the chance but after TANGO?

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Apple-Scott Forstall -opens up conspiracies about iOS and iPad.

John Markoff the Journalist at an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, Found the right time for opening up a conversation about the Creation of iOS with Scott Forstall the Senior Vice President of Apple.Inc who left the felicitate nearly five years ago.

And after all that he's here opening up in a public event about Apple.Inc and he's into various forms like co-producing Broadway musicals and investing in Snapchat and stuff.

Catch the Entire Video Right here: 

Source: Thanks - JBey4you.

" Headings like the multi-touch prototype, How and Why Apple decided to create the iPhone after first planning to produce a tablet. "
With the MasterMind.

Scott Forstall The Former SVP of Apple was fired in 2012 for done a huge mistake over the Apple Maps where people started filing cases on him for life loss and other things. 

" The relationship between Forstall and I've collapsed to a point where the two would not sit in the same meeting room together "                                      - Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an official reason, and everything heightened around then when Scott Forstall declined to sign the expression of remorse.The iOS head additionally pushed skeuomorphic plans into iOS applications. 

Essentially, this approach of planning applications to look like interesting surfaces and questions, all things considered, stood out starkly from the advanced disentangled edge.

Forstall is an Apple veteran, first joining NeXT in the mid-nineties with parts in creating NeXTStep, Mac OS X, and iOS. 

He is broadly observed to be one of the general population that pushed for iOS to wind up plainly something other than a souped up include telephone stage in the iPhone and decided on a nearby likeness with Apple's desktop OS X. 
Also, there is no denying that the iOS stage has been massively fruitful under him up until this point.
Well Done, Apple.