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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The new Youtube Feature - Messaging in a NutShell

Youtube - being the best streaming platform for our basic Videos needs and deeds, have stepped into the next level of their Video Sharing Feature. This feature enables the user to share their prescribed video to any of their Friends as they do according to their normal sharing methods. First off, Thanks Youtube !

This New Feature enables the user to have a conversation with all your best buds and others about the video you saw in the youtube. With sorting out this problem Youtube Acknowledges the main added up feature this trimester. The feature can be accessed by pressing the share icon and your contacts will pro longly occur and also just like you do the " share with your friends " things in Instagram. Not a copy by the way. 

Source : Youtube Help. (via youtube)

The feature will be built in to YouTube’s share button, and lets you select from your phone’s contacts list. You can also get a direct link to share and add new friends to discuss the video with, if that’s your thing.

This feature was beforehand just accessible in Canada toward the start of the year, yet is currently taking off to audience all around. It's most likely not going to supplant the way you've imparted recordings to buddies

In case you're as of now used to doing as such through applications like Facebook Messenger, yet it's a faster choice on the off chance that you and your companions are frequently trading YouTube connections and need a devoted space to simply discuss recordings.

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(P.S : Those Pictures are screenshotted from the video published by Youtube Help regarding the New Youtube Feature.

Apple Released their Developer beta 5 for iOS 11

Apple reportedly dropped another beta version for your most Favoured iOS. 
Beta 5 for iOS 11has been released.
ios 11 beta 5
iOS 11 | Photo: Apple

As the new device is getting added to the iPhone list, at an Apple event in the month of September, until that we aren't gonna see iOS 11 fully finished.

This Beta(iOS beta 5) is only available to the Developers who pay 99$ a year to access new Developer beta, if you are one of them then it will be available at most in a couple of days.

Every Apple's OS has got a new beta update including watchOS 4 and tvOS 11.

What's New in the beta 5
 This bet mainly focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes to make a completely complete iOS 11 for the event in September. Apple is backing off for now from the feature they promised, and it is the feature to store the Messages Database in iCloud which won't be ready for iOS 11.0.
New Cool Things
  • You can drag and drop App icons, files and more across the OS
  • New Files app and App switcher to make managing your documents more easy
  • Apple's AR kit framework has been added under the Hood to the OS to make Augmented reality more accessible for Apple users.
  • Totally redesigned Control center, so now you can customize your Shortcuts
The Upcoming iOS 11 is going to feel like a totally Brand new Software platform for the iPad and iPhone, which will be available to everyone within a week after the iPhone 8 Launch event in September.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Google Bringing in it's native Ad Blocker for Chrome?

Google is surely gonna a drop a Built - in Ad blocker for its Chrome browser mostly will be release ready Next Year.

Now we have a First solid look at it in Chrome's pre-release version Canary app for Android, which now has a feature for the users to use the built in ad blocker.

The Toggle for this have been seen under the chrome settings menu inside a sub section Ads.
The main reason for this ad blocker is, It allows you to toggle on a feature that will Block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads, but not for the ads which Google Displays.

Photo: Tech Crunch
This has been showed up in the latest build version of Canary and this feature will be available to Chrome by the Year 2018. Get more information on Ad Chrome Ad Blocker.

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Gboard's New Features for iPhone includes Drawing your own Doodle

Google's Very own Keyboard app Gboard made up as a Keyboard app with AI and ML with is now bringing in new features to the App.

You can now Share your location instantly in any Messaging app in a tap of the Google icon(G) on your Gboard, which makes meeting up with friends easier to occur it is just away from a tap on the G button of Gboard which make you share your current address or local address.
Location sharing | Photo:Google

You can also use the new YouTube tab within the Gboard to share and spread YouTube videos like New Game of Thrones promo instantly to your Friends right from the Gboard, so share for care the YouTube videos to Your friends.
Gboard Youtube
YouTube Sharing | Photo: Google

You can now Draw your own Doodle using the ink feature which is now available in the Gboard App. Share your creative drawings to your contacts all you have to do is tap on the emoji button followed by the pen icon an you can create your Drawing! 
Gboard Drawing with the pen tool
Doodling | Photo: Google
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Giphy to Soon test Sponsored GIFs

Giphy to soon test on Sponsored GIFs according to the news source close to the company, the four - year old GIF Search engine Giphy is to start a test run on Monetization.

So how will they do it?
They are gonna start testing Sponsored GIFs within the Messaging experience, that is the user will be fed with the Sponsored GIF within the Messaging window.

Which is more likely same as the Snapchat's Sponsored Face filters. So how sponsored GIFs will enter in is when you search for Cheers the result atop with the sponsored GIFs from Carlsberg club Glasses clashing.

Or if you search for Chill it may show you Netflix's GIFs too who knows.
But where should they test first even though huge platforms like Facebook Messenger and Twitter do use Giphy integration it will be very large of a testing to do them with Those platforms. Instead, they could try testing it in Tinder, it is where the Giphy's GIFs are used the most and they use GIFs the most from any sources of the 200 Million people accessing Giphy, Tinder might bring in the most of it. So it will be the base for testing.

More official Announcement on this Step - up by Giphy.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Google Stops Google Instant Search.

Google the brilliant box technology company have stopped their frequently used away from it's own stepping process.

Subsequent to launching Google Instant — Google's technique for indicating list items as you write them — quite a while prior, Google has expelled the component from look search effective today. 

Google Instant launched in 2010 under the authority of Marissa Mayer. Mayer called this change a "crucial move in seek" and the news was secured over all real media when it was launched. 

Presently with the adjustments in how searchers utilize portable — and more than half of all Google looks being on versatile — Google chose to get rid of this component.

 A Google representative disclosed to Search Engine Land: 

We launched Google Instant in 2010 with the objective to furnish clients with the data they require as fast as would be prudent, even as they wrote their quests on desktop gadgets. 

if you see the video above which is 6 years back and we can understand the whole process. 
courtesy : Austin Evans

From that point forward, numerous a greater amount of our inquiries occur on portable, with altogether different information and connection and screen limitations. On account of this, we have chosen to expel Google Instant, so we can concentrate on approaches to make Search significantly quicker and more liquid on all gadgets. 
Marissa Mayer

Presently as you write, you will just observe look recommendations and after that have the capacity to tap on those proposals to see the outcomes. The indexed lists won't stack any outcome pages without tapping on a hunt recommendation or clicking enter. 

Once more, this change is to make look "more fluid on all gadgets" Google says.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Google Earth's New Amazing Upgrades.

Google Earth Adds up "Stories" kind of thing ?

Google Earth - the best known knowledge map about Global geological locations and other major places in one glimpse. Also the fact that Google Earth keeps updating it's own format once a while. Now after the recent update on VOYAGER feature add-on. 
The Voyager
The Google Earth is now on another hunch and this time it's going to be Live images and Videos about the locality from the people, which can also be short termed as " Stories " which Instagram legally stole from Snapchat.Inc and which Whatsapp is likely added up on. 

This feature adds you up to upload real life images of you and that particular locality. This means that you should upload your images and images about your locality on your own risk on this medium to create endeavors for Earth. Aren't we a part of it?
Productional Features of Earth

"The story of your family history, the story of your favorite hiking trip – it could be anything. It doesn't have to be profound,"
 Rebecca Moore told Reuters 
Google Earth.

This can also be compared with Snapchat's Map Update that shook the world. Where people does the same thing but here it's too mainstream. Check out our orb about SnapMaps- Snap Maps- Orbacles.
Snap Maps.

The above quote explains better the situation over here. Now people are supposed to get ready for anonymous picture uploads and tearing out location privacy into this Ocean of data.This can also be used as an broadcasting medium just like Twitter's Periscope and Facebook live, etc. So that your live enhancements would make it a big layout on this tool that visualizes the virtual world at much better place.

Google Earth launches "I Am Amazon" series in their Voyager Part now. Which includes Images,Text,Videos and 360 VR also. 
I Am Amazon.

This series can't be uploaded/modify by people but Google team camped at Amazon to shoot stuff about this. So Google Team (Earth Team) will travel the world to record everything that contains this hemisphere? 
Let's wait and watch the Play.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Google Intended OS for future Chromebooks have gestures and much more

Chromebook is the device used vastly for its lightweight and flawless usage by Netizens

So Google planned to implement touchscreen for upcoming Chromebooks. This makes a handy usage for browsing and flip through apps

Here's a video showing the usage of Chrome new OS and its gesture's

Most of the current Techgiant's depend on Chromebook or Zorin based notebooks for the easy and convenient usage also with this new touchscreen, magnificent UI and gestures of  Chromebook will also be equipped with accessible android-like features

Chromebook is also confirmed to have a voice-enabled assistant just like a smartphone do   

unlike the past Traditional Chromebook OS,   The upcoming one will have inbuilt support for Android Apps      

Still, some features of  new Chromebook os makes alike touch up  with Android
Say this OS have:

                  Suggested app

This confers the same suggestion menu when you scroll  towards the right in Android

                  Swipe up gesture to show suggested apps

just like nougat, swipe up to show apps is used in this Chromebook OS

                The same voice search used in Android OS  

This shows Google have to make something unique with their Mobile and System OS at least in their future

Photo: Flickr

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ubisoft's New Game, Assassin's Creed Rebellion

Assassin's Creed Rebellion is the New Rebellion by Ubisoft to Build Your Own Assassin's Brotherhood for Yourself.
Assassin's Creed Rebellion

Ubisoft is Building Assassin's Creed Rebellion Which takes you back to 15th Century.
Assassin's Creed Rebellion is a Free to play Strategy, Role-Playing Game(RPG).
This Game will be releasing for both iOS and Android devices.
Ubisoft is bringing this game to life in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive Studio. Which they have promised to provide a unique Assasin's Creed Visual experience to you.
And The characters visuals looks like Funko Pop.Which totally gives a new Visual Mapping of the character, it is going to be fun.
Assassin's Creed Rebellion Saying
This game will let us build our own Assassin's Brotherhood
We will be Having A fortress of our own and should be engaging in missions to fight against Templars.
Assassin's Symbol

The game is said to be having More than 40 Assasins, Including Aguilar, Claudia, Ezio, Machiavelli and Shao Jun.
And it also have 20 new Unlockable Characters Exclusively built for Assasin's Creed Rebellion it also has the New Version of the Animus which merges the Memory of Several Assasins Together.
Assassins Available In the Game

This game is set to be happening in Spain, during the height of inquisition.
This game also lets you build your Own Headquarters for your assassins. You can also train your Assassin and craft and build new items and equipment.
As you level up your brotherhood you can unlock additional contents, and you can also open up new upgrade options.
This all being set, your fortress will remain as your Base of operation and various infiltration missions.
Every mission will require a different skill set and so you should be using various characters, this allows you to decide which character you need to use.
Your Brotherhood development will have a big impact on gameplay.
Assassin's Creed Rebellion

Various Missions
In the game, you will be having different types of missions for different purposes
Standard Missions
These are missions to mainly gather resource and upgrade your assassins.

Loot Missions
These kinds of missions will earn you Materials for Crafting Items and Equipment.

Legacy Mission
New Assasins can be unlocked by collecting their DNA In Story Of Legacy Mission.
An Assassin Releasing his Hidden Blade

Platforms For Gameplay
Assasin's Creed Rebellion is Currently under Development we can expect the World Wide Release to Happen Soon.
As I already Said, This Game will be available for Various iOS device including iPod Touch and For Android Platforms as well.
Playing On a Device

Ubisoft's Recommended requirements are for the Devices running From iOS 8 on Android version from 4.1, Android Device Must be Having at least 2GB of RAM.  
These are all the Official Information Obtained from the Ubisoft Assassin's Creed team.

Here is The Teaser for Assasin's Creed Rebellion

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why sharing your source code over internet is a good practise

Being a programmer is really aura of ideas. No matter what type of application it is 
 cloud App or Desktop environment 

ever thought Why to openly share your idea's?

But before that  let me cover up what's a huge difference between the open and closed source

Denoting software for which the original source code and algorithm is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.
 The source code is not shared with the public for anyone to look at or change. Closed source is the opposite of open source. 

Closed source application's mostly get's tampered for the premium profile by Reverse Engineering the application. Crackers use various methodology to get back to their loader status and modify the codes

The reason why not to share the source code:

  • Your application can be reproduced with other publisher ID or name

Here are few reasons to consider sharing your code with GitHub

  •  This creates contributions of idea from all over the globe for improvising and enhancing your code's algorithm, Say any user can add their ideology of code  and commit them to your respo

  • The security factors, open source application will have a significant number of people deploying on their server. They will frequently hire pentester for vulnerability assessments when a bug is found developer of the industry also updates in the issue section of the code
  • portfolio for your future, Your day to day simple code can drag industry view on your Respo and they may hire you
  • To-Do Lists  every developer wants their program to have better interface between client and his computer with To-Do list in open source it helps the developer track the requirements directly from the user and other programmers can provide helping hand to achieve to-do list

  • A Great Backup in the cloud than a local system which is vulnerable to Malware or Ransomware Attacks and System failures.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Whats next with WhatsApp?

Love posting text status? Got used with Third Party apps to create the wording status?   Whatsapp Heard your needs and will be bringing internal text-based status  creator


What all it can do?

  • Have Multiple Background color for your text status
  • Choose the right fonts that suit your current status 
  • And Emoji Search is now possible rather than scrolling over all the emojis categories     
  • Album Feature just got better 
  • You can share APK, ZIP, RAR, PSD type of file extension via WhatsApp in future

whatsapp rar file sharing
File sharing 
whatsapp   psd file sharing
file sharing

maximum limit of whatsapp
maximum size

Here is a Demo
Watch the GIF it's Worth of your Data
WhatsApp New Update

Whatsapp Beta testing is a huge community of tech nerds that ultimately aims for enabling hidden features, We thank @Alex193a for sharing the information via WAbetainfo

Recall  (old one still works locally)

WhatsApp Text Status update

Different Fonts availability for status update 

Recall your messages

After This Long Period of Time WhatsApp had brought in the feature of Unsend The Message (Recalling The Message) you sent to someone when you are in Mood Swing.
Search an emoji
Search an emoji

These updates are making WhatsApp enormous day by day, but it still lacks some basic requirements like High-quality image sharing , Limitation of media size. And increasing the group title limit

Friday, 23 June 2017

Snapchat's spectacular New Snap Map Update.

The Creative-Box Company Snaptchat.Inc is back with the dominating update with all sort of Mapping and stuff. YES! The new update of Snapchat.Inc is " Maps" also known to be Snap Map. 
How do you feel when you see your favorite people at a place you love having fun? the next level of jealous? Yes, keep your jealous nerves popping out of your brain. 

Snap Map.

Now with a single Tap on your Snapchat App you can explore the world of your Friends and their "Stories" with a new platform update like Mapping them. Once you click their image which is encrypted in a "BITMOJI" format and it will take you to their world with their stories which is posted on daily basis with the place where they're having fun (So there's No False Location Anymore).

Snap Map

Group Access. 

Yes! This Update lets you post a "story" update as a group involving process. Like when four people hanging out for a movie,if either one of them post a story update about their movie screening and posting as a "group" will let other three people's story update automatically. Quite like tagging people in your facebook post but awesome one. These Close people are tagged under " Best Friends" in your Story Window.But eventually modifying it every time you hangout with different people might create you issues. Good Luck
Best Friends.
Our Story.
Bitmoji and Stickers.

Yes. This time Snapchat brought in Bitmoji representation of your Friends instead of texts in Maps. First Facebook brought this update in march about posting special about your location and telling it to your friends in the best way, but apparently it lets the user to post that thing for One hour maximum. Here Snapchat's take on Snap Map, which is appreciable for users because of it's packaging and Emoji setups in maps and lot of Stickers have been implanted to increase the FUN. Have Fun Snapping.
Bitmoji's Representation.

Parent's Agonize. 
So Many parents are kept worrying about their Children's hanging out method. Sometimes false identity and false hanging plans might create agonize to parents and now with this update Parents can have complete total Surveillance on their Children about their Location and other stuffs. Be-Ware.

It's also said that Instagram already have Stories filtration according to Location and Maps involves a big time, so Instagram Maps soon? for lot more FUN? Watch out, Whatsapp.

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