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Sunday, 3 September 2017

IBM's A.I is the next level?

Artificial Intelligence - the current and future generation in Computers which is merely like producing an Artificial Human Brain which should break the fourth wall between the users and the machine. Lot of works have done well by machine learning and advanced level protocols to list out the Artificial Intelligence on the board.

Deep Learning our Neural networks ain't a small piece of cake, It needs lot of physical constrains and hectic set of algorithm patterns.These Alpha Go,Image recognition, voice assistants, language translations etc are the bleeding edge technological aspects that have been working well on grounds. " Catastrophic forgetting " meant the exact word here with responding to the effects of malfunctions of A.I where the process have to start from the first at 12th clock.
The Human mind is basically built on the conversational aspect where it can retain attention from previous undone tasks where the A.I fails to. Human brain can actually make connections between the past experience and current problem to create an insight and proceeds with it. Statistical AI can make recognition just like human brain but can't apply logic into it where as Symbolic AI can apply logic into it but in real time that's a moo point.
Concept of A.I
DeepMind : An A.I technological company have recently made a survey based on the Artificial Intelligence as a matter of fact by creating a neural network to apply the relational reasoning to those tasks. and it made out a thrash of those neurons applying own specific recognition. In June it happened to made up on the desk again and was commanded to : "There is an object in front of the blue thing; does it have the same shape as the tiny cyan thing that is to the right of the gray metal ball?" it correctly identified the object in question 96 percent of the time. 

"Neural network learning is typically engineered and it's a lot of work to actually come up with a specific architecture that works best. It's pretty much a trial and error approach" said Irina Rish, IBM's research staff member.
It also said that Input Mechanism plays the key role here in understanding between attention algorithm and neural network where she also said " Attention is a reward- driven mechanism " the higher the reward the higher the attention is created. Attention mechanism's first victim is Image Recognition and they're here to Oxford dataset which is primarily architectural images (cityscapes).

IBM: When presented with new set of data it's neurotic system begins forming new and far better connection between 'em and older ones are eliminated from biased connections. " It's a way to adapt deep networks " said Rish. 

 These advanced technology aspect might get bean bags to AI community for IBM, where Rish's team works on Internal Attention. This attention model creates cover for short term, active, thought process while memory portion enables the network to streamline its function depending on current situation.
As an end phrases and epithet Rish said 
I would say at least a few decades -- but again that's probably a wild guess. What we can do now in terms of, like, very high-accuracy Image recognition is still very, very far from even a basic model of human emotions,We're only scratching the surface
So the lime light is no long for IBM ? and they're in the Go-Kart with other AI companies (Duh, Google). Let's embrace our fortune and attached to the strings of Orbacles.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

World Best Dota 2 Players defeated by A.I

Dota - Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is the stand-alone sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA), which was a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne(wiki). 

And now here comes the OPEN A.I by Elon musk started to bend the knees of world best DOTA 2 players and not enabling them to win even a single match. Awestruck, right?
source : Open AI
Wyatt doesn't recall the minute he lost portion of his thumb. He was 1 year old, sitting in his family's garage against the side of an activity bicycle while his 7-year-old sibling played with the pedals, directing them around and around to make the wheels fly. Wyatt, uninformed of the laws of material science, stuck his small hand into the bicycle's chain. It neatly cut off portion of his correct thumb.

he said 

"To be honest, I got quite lucky,"

In amusement one on Retaliation Hardpoint, Ian "Enable" Wyatt drove his squad to a 250-101 triumph, as he ran 20-10 with more than two minutes of slope time," the official Call of Duty blog peruses. That is 20 executes and only 10 passings, all with a reasonable concentrate on the match's principle objective: control the hardpoints. 

Call of Duty occupies a unique space in eSports: It's a console game, while other major titles are PC-based. Plus, Call of Duty is a massive, established brand with an inherent audience. These are bonuses in Wyatt's eyes, and he says Activision and MLG are on the right track. And he would know -- he's one of the oldest professional Call of Duty players and he's been competing in the FPS scene for nearly a decade.

So let's stay calm and see what else can A.I do? Our Finest Author  Noddy  was kind of hoped this might happen, since he believes A.I is Hostile !

Friday, 16 June 2017

What makes A.I different from Machine Learning and Deep Learning

This year made A.I revolutionary on your mobile devices and Computer
Applications like Google keyboard in Android  to League of Legends in PC work with Artificial Intelligence

If A.I does all this, what does Machine Learning and Deep Learning do?

Artificial intelligence: 


Individual Games do include A.I so that particular application can save your time and money
You are a game developer. You are in the final stage of publishing a Soccer game and have implemented A.I bots in the Career and multiplayer mode

At the initial stage of publishment, you won't own many people subscribed to your game plan, and very few users will be available online, so you may not have enough contempt players to compete with those few players, who purchased your game will not be pleased to know this. This A.I bot can save you, where this game will record and mimic a user action and thus reuse that to improve the game difficulty in multi-bots where an action of pro player will be performed by all the A.I bots making your game more professional thus increase the sale and productivity

Mobile and Portable Devices

This day's various Mobile apps like GOOGLE Allo, Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod
do include AI to respond your queries
A.I can not do all itself  it requires external
instruction to store and analyse and respond

Artificial intelligence are classified in two 

Machine Learning:

Utilisation of machine learning is used in Datacentres and record analysis.
The Data collected by API  of the application logs are stored for research and analyse purpose, the received data  could be error logging, end user usage, aggression and changes made during the usage of the application

Using machine learning Data scientists make it possible for the application to solve the issue itself
if the error echo's in the application.

Machine Learning is vastly applied in web application, Cloud-based Desktop application's and telecom services
Machine learning focuses on improving the user experience itself rather than learning and understanding the content beyond the wall.

Deep Learning:
Deep Learning is a mechanism where your system can be smarter, innovative and astute than you  

With Deep learning algorithm  program will be able to adapt itself to the client's working position

The top Project of IBM WATSON works on Deep learning mechanism. The WATSON API is used in 

by Famous Science community 

American Cancer Society

ACS  is tied up with Watson to create virtual assistant for cancer patient 

This toolkit can help with advising the diet, go through the patient result and figure out the cancer stage.
Watson will collect the data from  and NCI and can provide valid solution with patient's question's

Standard Bank

Standard Bank uses Deep Learning Watson to solve customer queries in real and less time

Kaggle Community with Google Deepmind 

 Are enabling deepLearning possible with every Google search done by a user for the better guess, though DeepMinds not still not a complete deep learning Robot they are still updating their algorithms with Kaggle team of data scientist's.
Could be a myth very soon 😎

Here are few top Companies devoted to Ai Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • OPENAI                                                                                                   
  • Element AI                                                                                          
  • IBM                                                                                                     
  • Google

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Apple HomePod The Best Smart Home Speaker Assistant ?

As we know that Apple inc Does things which Always Stays up in the Tech industry, No Matter What and Covers The People of All Category.
That is How they Established a Market Base and Everybody Knows Apple and Their Products. 
Are They Really Best in The Market?
Probably May or Not.
But Their Build are Always exceptional They Got this Place in the Industry Because of the same Reason(May be).
Do they Innovate Enough?
Of course Not, not to the level in today's World of Cutting edge Technologies like Vertical Landing of the Launch Vehicle or  Blending Human Brain With AI.
What do they Do Best?
They have the Best Marketing Strategy!
That's the Foundation Behind Their Brand and they keep Moving forward With those Strategies.

That's Enough of the Talk let's get in to the Topic we are here For.

Apple HomePod
Apple had their First day Keynote of WWDC17 and happened to release with some awesome New Products and Services.
Here's The List Which I Think Is the Best:
  1. iMac Pro a 18 Core Monster
  2. MacOS High Sierra
  3. IOS 11
  4. Apple HomePod/Home

Apple HomePod: 

Apple HomePod-Reinvent Home Music

Will you really spend $349 Just for speakers unless otherwise it's Apple's.

The Feature Apple's HomePod have(According to Apple):
  • Upward Facing Woofers:
This Helps Enabling the Speaker performance by Delivering the Deepest and Cleanest Bass Possible with Extra less Distortion
  • Array of Seven Beam-Forming Tweeters
Helps Scattering the Music Throughout the hall-room, with directional control.
HomePod in action

  • A8 Chip Designed By Apple
This Makes the speaker Work so well by serving as the Brain of the Speaker.
  • Automatic Room-Sensing
Detects the Surrounding and optimizes for Delivering the Music experience Well.

  • Six Microphone-Array
Provides the interaction between the people and the Speaker, With The Help Of Siri.
Voice Detection

  • Siri Integration
This Seems to be the main Reason why the Cost of the Simple Speaker is so high. This Provides the Interaction to the user with voice feedback.
  • Siri Waveform
Hey Siri
Indicates whether Siri Siriously engaged to get the voice input, and have the Navigtion controls of the speaker.
  • Tap and Play Setup
Just Hold Your iPhone Next to HomePod and that sets up the Whole thing.
HomePod Under the Hood

Now Sit Back and Relax While the songs Playing and ask Your Weird Questions to HomePod(Siri), But it won't be answering Most of the Times.

 Speaking of Smart Home Speakers

The First one to enter this Arena Was amazon Echo with their own Voice assistant integrated Speaker.

Following the trail Google Home Came into the Field With its Very own Voice assistant Google Assistant and a speaker integrated named Google Home.

And Now you know who came along Yeah its Apple With Siri integrated Speaker HomePod.

Specs Aspect

HomePod Specs Aspect
So What do you think of HomePod from our Beloved Apple:
As You can see on the above Tweet We can Clearly Know that the Google Assistant, The Sure Winning Smart Assistant.

One Who is smart enough to use a Smart home Speaker Will Go Home with Google Home.

Unless otherwise You are so attracted and attached to the  to the Apple Products. 
Apple HomePod
 Beloved Apple That's The Best You Can Do?
So what do you think of the Apple HomePod.
Will you be Buying HomePod if YES/NO Let us Know in the Comments Section Below.
For Further Updates on The World of Tech Shadow us on ORBACLES.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Artificial Intelligence a Big backdrop for Microsoft?? And Hell yeah, The gaming stream service fetched new terms and techniques; With U.I modifications Way to go Microsoft!

Hey people out there who are looking for feeds, here we are on our morning ride with Microsoft.Inc and it's two bigger compartments. Yeah, Game Stream Service of Microsoft "Mixer" is the big Tweet blaster of yesterday and it shook the gaming arena into pieces. And Artificial Intelligence a piece of cake for them ?

Microsoft Mixer.

#1 Microsoft Mixer :

Last August 2016, microsoft bought Beam interactive for some low unknown amount and it's disclosed manner was huge in the feed. While those days it was only a testing sheet and was not widely used apart.“Represents what we love most about the service….how it brings people together,” wrote Microsoft Mixer engineering lead and Beam cofounder Matt Salsamendi in his blog post.

Beam+Microsoft = <3
So yeah? Microsoft gets his own Game Streaming Service this time and it allows users to post their Gameplays in their not in some youtube channels and blend it's importance to Gamers. Well, already Amazon's Twitch and Google's Youtube premier is available already and it's a tough call for microsoft to establish themselves.  But since the Beam Interactive already proven their heads off this might work well in the first place.
Let's Stay Tuned.

The Technology Giant - Microsoft.

#2 Microsoft's A.I - a suicide bomber?

Everybody knows about Microsoft's Giant Cloud service which they themselves call as AZURE.  And company has lot of short term goals on it without expecting  a big slice of cake.And as we know the Microsoft's Mobile Sector doesn't seem well established and it is still around in some few places. so what's the future scope of Microsoft ?? What do they expect on their track? yeah, since Google's best masterminds revealed at the I/O 2017 now the trend is Artificial Intelligence.
Bits of Microsoft

Artificial intelligence will not only change how and where compute happens but also the underlying structure of the technology that we use every day. Up until now, humans have been responsible for each programming language created and while they are awesome languages, they do have their own issues.

It's very own A.I
 But, once a computer is able to create the ‘perfect’ computer language and organization structure, this is what will become the great ‘reset’ in the computer science industry.
A computer can try every combination of every current language to learn the optimized path with the least amount of trade-off in a short amount of time for building applications and building new services. And if the current combinations are not ideal, it’s not hard to conceptualize that AI will one day write its own computing language that humans don’t understand to build perfectly efficient services.

Let's Stay Tuned.

Microsoft Metro UI CSS

Microsoft's  UI development is going on a track than we expected. And via reliable sources we got it here at our labs 
this is the most trust worthy A.I we're about to use in the mere future. As we know their Metro UI where  Metro UI CSS developed with the advice of Microsoft to build the user interface and include: general styles, grid, layouts, etc. Metro UI CSS build with {LESS}. Metro UI CSS is being an open source and has MIT licensing over model.
  Keep Shadowing for the finest, foremost, pre-eminent, superlative,unsurpassed, peerless, unparalleled facts and feeds about the Technology and it's all yours. Let's Demand and Supply :) Join the String.

~Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”
―Arthur.C.Clarke. ~

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Improvised Cool New Features of Google Assistant Since Last year's Google I/O16 to I/O17

GOOGLE ASSISTANT Updates Straight From Google I/O17

Let us talk about Google I/O at first, Google I/O is an annual developer Conference held by google, it is for showcasing in-depth matters on their products.I/O stands for Input Output so it's that of Google.
Google Assistant

Google Assistant was initially launched at Google I/O16, Which was made to make conversation with Google to get stuff Done in Your Own Way.

Google Assistant
"A Conversation With Google to get Things Done in your World"
 -SCOTT HUFFMAN Vice President Engineering.Assistant

This was quoted by the Google Official At Google I/O17.

Conversation with google

Since I/O16 many things have been improved With the Google Assistant.
Google assistant was first released into Allo App as a Beta Version and also with a stand alone product for Google Assistant is Google Home which was released Months after I/O.
And Was released Built in with, Phone By Google Pixel, PixelXL and Google Home
then Google Assistant was made available to all Android Phones Running Marshmallow and Above, Today Google Assistant is available on over 100 Million devices.
Google assistant Simplifies the heaviness of searching for things and at end of the day it gets you what you want.It's Your Own Google Tailored for you.

Now Google is Improvised based on Three Key Things
  1. Conversational
  2. Always Helpful
  3. Ready to Help
In Account of Conversations, Google is Really getting good at Conversation too.
As Scott Mentioned 70% of request to Assistant is requested on Natural Language, In which many of them are Follow-ups which is continuing the conversation with assistant.
To break this complexion Down by combining the resources on Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Contextual Meaning.
And the recognizing sense is by giving personalized search for different persons a family with asking with their own voice.
Now it also includes visual input By the now product by google which is Google Lens Which is google's Next Big Thing!

Google assistant is now Available on the iPhone yay!.
Google assistant is made in the way that it should always be available for you to use and access the assistant anywhere possible it does gets the information from all google features.
Google Assistant Available on iPhone

TO make the assistant it should be available for all kinds of devices, SO google is releasing Google Assistant SDK so which gives a way for product developers to pitch in Google Assistant to their project, All you have to look out is the sign 'Google Assistant Built in'.
Google assistant is getting new languages
  • French 
  • German 
  • Brazilian
  • Japanese and
  • Portuguese
By the end of the year, it will also support 
  • Italian 
  • Spanish and
  • Korean
Assistant is being asked to do things, So the developer platform for Google is getting Stronger With Actions on Google which is asking for google to do stuffs like order for lunch, Book a table at the restaurant and order some stuff on Amazon.
Actions On Google
Google Assistant now supports Transaction, Payments, Identity, Notifications, Receipts and even Account Creation. It handles all the Complexity.
70+ Smart home partners are working with google assistant which makes google Ready to help!
70+ smart home partners

 For More about Google I/O stay tuned!!


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Microsoft's cornerstone is on A.I ? With Reading,Writing and even claims Questions ? Come on, Microsoft !

It's good to be back, This column is full filled with Microsoft's best ever news this month and it's kind of influencing the whole A.I dept.

The Microsoft Headquarters.

Microsoft's previous ventures had the experiences of recognizing Images and Texts and now they're taking it to the next level like perceiving the TEXTS in PASSAGES and ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS related to it. The Company's leading A.I Experts team working on that to prevail the best notion. Kaheer Suleman, the co-founder of Maluuba, a Quebec-based deep learning startup that Microsoft acquired earlier this year.

Maluuba - An A.I Startup.

The  Maluuba group is one of a few gatherings at Microsoft that are handling the test of machine perusing. Two other research groups, one at the organization's Redmond, Washington, base camp and the other in its Beijing, China, inquire about lab, are as of now driving an opposition keep running by Stanford University that utilization data from Wikipedia to test how well AI frameworks can answer inquiries regarding content entries.

Microsoft analysts and other industry and scholarly specialists likewise are viewing for the best outcomes utilizing another dataset, called MS MARCO, that utilization genuine, anonymized information from Bing seek inquiries to test a framework's capacity to answer a question.

The groups say that is an additional test since it depends on individuals true inquiries. Testing on that sort of information guarantees the frameworks they are building will in the long run be helpful for genuine clients. 
Artificial Intelligence the data paradigm.

"We're not recently going to assemble a cluster of calculations to take care of hypothetical issues. We're utilizing them to take care of genuine issues and testing them on genuine information," said Rangan Majumder, an accomplice aggregate program supervisor inside Microsoft's Bing division. He's working intimately with the Redmond machine perusing research group and drove advancement of the MS MARCO dataset.

he underlying foundations of Microsoft's machine perusing work backpedal about two decades, to the early work analysts at the organization did in the field of characteristic dialect handling. At the time, Bill Dolan, a central scientist at Microsoft who takes a shot at regular dialect preparing, clowned that the frameworks "worked perfectly, however not frequently."

Still, that foundational work is presently being fused into the calculations that the Redmond group is utilizing for its latest machine perusing advances, and it's likewise been the premise of other notable work Dolan and his group have accomplished in characteristic dialect preparing.

In the same way as other AI progresses in the previous couple of years, machine perusing has profited from the set of three of better profound learning calculations, a huge increment in cloud-based processing energy to run those calculations and gigantic measures of information to learn and test on.
10 Years of Research : 
(short span)The analysts say those abilities, alongside advances in profound taking in strategies from work in ranges like picture and discourse acknowledgment, has gotten them to a point where they feel certain that huge leaps forward in machine perusing are not too far off. That is something many still wonder about. 
Their P.O.C with Microsoft's A.I dept sector

"It's a long haul dream for specialists in regular dialect handling and notwithstanding for computerized reasoning," said Furu Wei, a lead analyst in the Natural Language Processing Group at Microsoft Research Asia.
Let's make a pause and look at the enormous level of growth of Microsoft's A.I.