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Monday, 24 July 2017

Netflix blew the Comic Con - Yes they did!

Netflix - One of the prominent TV series company that generates quality Sitcoms also known to be in all genres that satisfies the user requirements on the large scale, participated actively on the San Diego Comic Con 2017. 

Wherever you go Netflix follows You.

Netflix was present in almost all the presentations yesterday and can't let take our eyes off them. Hall H was alloted to Netflix and they almost cleaved the overall Hall go crazy about their work on a Full Length Feature Film also known to be the highest budget film by Netflix which is "BRIGHT", lol it's titled that way.

Netflix was kind of Not well assured for audience vibe over the event and also known to be the Best TV sitcoms kind of thing, then came out the House of
Cards in 2013 and that blew the rants of Netflix over the hour. One of the prominent series that went all over the globe with all due respect and made movie makers to Pitch in Series making process vi Netflix and notably Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan into the TV series making.

Last Year's Netflix with Marvel Affiliation in the Comic Con considered the former release of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders (glimpse) etc to set back the chair from the audience at the Ballroom 20 . This year's Comic Con was alloted by Hall H to Netflix and people who are basically Game of Thrones fans and they don't hope to see the Filming of Netflix all at once.

But things changed different and "Strange"  once while the trailers of Bright, Death Note and Stranger Things season 2 were aired they gave up the way out of their mercy towards their OLD and NEW gods. People started to shout surprisingly when they took the Game.


 The Big Budget Will Smith production film has received the highest response over the area and not probably cause of the reach it has given. This film has stood in the mainstream of other Marvel - DC and WB pictures. Most importantly Death Note was a surprise kick to the customers of comic con where they ought to expect something bigger and they got something big better and nostalgic vibrancy. 

Stranger Things Season 2 :

Noah Schnapp portayal of WILL is back from the Upside Down, as if it really left him, goes to an Arcade with his Friends the group and things turns out strange there. 
  Will's Mom still appears to be concerning a lot about her son - Joyce Byers portrayed by Winona Ryder.   
And Then Comes out our Officer Hopper portrayed by David Harbour is here to the rescue as he's significant point in season 1
Catch up our BREAKDOWN on the Stranger Things season 2 trailer here :
Stranger Things Season 2 trailer Breakdown - orbacles  

After events : Driving home just how important Stranger Things and Bright were to the company’s Comic-Con strategy was the Netflix brand activation itself. Marvel shows may have been the focus last year, but across the street from the convention center this year, they were afforded little more than some costume displays and selfie photo ops. Stranger Things, on the other hand, featured a small tent with props, promotional giveaways like Stranger Things hats, a VR encounter with the Demogorgon, and a funereal tribute to Shannon Purser’s Barb. 

The Defenders.

 The Defenders is a group of Humans who play heroes with some skill sets, and the team consists of Daredevil - Devil of Hell's kitchen, a blind Ninja
Jessica Jones - Private Detective with some Crazy skills

Luke Cage - Bullet Proof Harlem's Hero
Iron Fist - Protector of K'un-Lun


They are the heroes who fight The Hand and defend the New York city from Destruction.

The latest trailer of Defenders has been dropped in the Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic-Con it reveals more to come to the Show.

Catch more up on The Defenders Comic Con trailer !

Stay Close to Orbacles for the instant and important update about the SDCC 2017.