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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Google Intended OS for future Chromebooks have gestures and much more

Chromebook is the device used vastly for its lightweight and flawless usage by Netizens

So Google planned to implement touchscreen for upcoming Chromebooks. This makes a handy usage for browsing and flip through apps

Here's a video showing the usage of Chrome new OS and its gesture's

Most of the current Techgiant's depend on Chromebook or Zorin based notebooks for the easy and convenient usage also with this new touchscreen, magnificent UI and gestures of  Chromebook will also be equipped with accessible android-like features

Chromebook is also confirmed to have a voice-enabled assistant just like a smartphone do   

unlike the past Traditional Chromebook OS,   The upcoming one will have inbuilt support for Android Apps      

Still, some features of  new Chromebook os makes alike touch up  with Android
Say this OS have:

                  Suggested app

This confers the same suggestion menu when you scroll  towards the right in Android

                  Swipe up gesture to show suggested apps

just like nougat, swipe up to show apps is used in this Chromebook OS

                The same voice search used in Android OS  

This shows Google have to make something unique with their Mobile and System OS at least in their future

Photo: Flickr

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Google to pay 2.5 Billion € fine for faking search results

E.U court slapped Google with 2.5 Billion euro fine for Manipulating users search results to their affiliation link

Google was ambitious to earn   affiliate from companies that would pay more,  they designed the algorithm in a particular way that searching for a PC will provide you with an advertising  result of Macintosh if each Macintosh purchase will pay more affiliation to Google
This case fine was calculated based upon the average affiliate earning of Google from last  7 years of time

What really Google does when u search for a mobile
Photo: Google Image 

This unfair results relatively affect the trust in Google and its service  to the  consumers' and competitive sellers  of the merchandise
“What Google has done is illegal under E.U. antitrust rules.”

This case was dragged in EU court by  2010 and came to light after 7 years of time.  This shows silicon valley top industrial may also have to abide with Law

Google News Gets A Major Upgrade

Google News is No tumble and confusion Anymore.
Google gave a very new User-Friendly Look to its News Reader after 14 Years.
Google News

Google redesigned the desktop Website on More Control for users. It has a Three Major Section at the top Centre of the Page below a well-managed Search bar, sections are,
 Headlines which gives you the Top news according to the Country and the Section Selected.
 Local it gives you the local news feed irrespective of your Country selection, it's determined by the location.
For You is a personalised section entirely for you, made by the queries you made to the Google and the interests you selected.
Photo: Google 

Each and every section got  Very interactive and showcase the best on that.
This Makes Google go Competitive with Apple News.
The New Google News has a Clean UI with more Exposed and Breezy look,
Included with the Card format just as in Google Now which makes browsing News easier and Personalised.
New Google News Layout
Photo By Tony Musk /Orbacles

This Layout Makes Publisher Name Article and Time More clearly visible and Make it clear.
The whole layout is made Customizable according to the User's Liking, you can slide through your favourite and can even create your own Section by your queries to Google.

New Sports Column which Shows you Scorecard of almost every Match and even can show you live Scores.
The layout also Brings in a new Column Fact Check which was brought Yesteryear and Editors Pick which helps you gain more on what's happening around You and shows you the fact checked recently published article But the fact Check feature is currently available only in the US.
Dynamic Sports Column
Photo By Tony Musk /Orbacles

Videos section makes the Storytelling easier than the Article so google adapted and improved the Algorithms to display highlight and Top video on Story cards according to the user.

These are the Truly Great Things made within Google News
And Google  Product Manager, Google News Anand Paka said
"Every day people come to Google News for a trusted view of the world. It’s there for everything from moments of political change to gripping sports events to daily local news "
In his Blog Post on New Google News Layout.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Apple's ARKit is coming up real fast - vanquishing Google's TANGO.

Get Ready to tweak your nerves, Apple is going to be the first company with full fledged and complete Augmented Reality experience to the field before others do. Yay, Apple's ARKIT is going to be the first Augmented Reality work-space in mobile's experience at the next level.

In the previous WWDC 2017  Craig Federighi said ARKIT as "the largest and fully functional AR platform in the present world". Everybody got into a mind buzz that can Apple make it? Trust us, Apple is actually making it to be the first and fastest well developed Aug-Reality experience. This is in reference with Google's Tango. Where Google's Tango is currently on floors stage only and ARKIT has unveiled it's working prototype which by the way seems so familiar and promising that Apple is going to Shake-it-Off.

Twitter handle.

It's just the matter of fact that Apple has been continuously sued for copy-cat stuff which by the way it should break it's fourth wall and roar to its own way out there. ARkit is the only chance for Apple to prove out the column of endangered cutting edge technology. Apple's here for the rescue way to it's lime light again. 
Today ARkit's Official Twitter handle @madewithARKit 
unveiled the working prototypes of the Apple's new Augmented Reality Sc-apes. This thing has already been out since 2009 in Apple's Layar and people aren't compelled using it. this can be said in such a way like Super Mario bros and Super Mario unveiled at E3 2017.
This can also be clarified with  GOOGLE'S TANGO that since tango is working under its scheduled flag marks and here we have ARkit with already making stuff up.

Here we've a Glimpse about TANGO - Source - Google.

And it's also known to be the competent to Google's MEASURE app that's always been supportive only for Android. there's another working DEMO by Google on it's TANGO Project which clearly states that this 
Measuring Demo by Apple unveiled this evening is actually copied from Google's Measure or vice versa ?

1) Look at this

2) Now Look at this 


Quite Quite familiar right?

The people who don't mind about drastic changes in phone specifications or design, the differentiation between devices has always been the same.

  Apple's iPhone might be convenient than Google's Tango devices and with iOS 11 it will have much better AR functionalities than its closest Android competent. So if we're looking for the AR innovation machine that will take the technology into the mainstream, Apple might hook up the chance but after TANGO?

Stay Close to ORBACLES for instant updates in seconds about AUGMENTED REALITY.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Youtube Crackdown - Eschew Extremism ?

People around the world started to blame the internet for the mass development in some terrorism act and Extremists act! To avoid this practice of extremism something should be done on the part of Internet and as the biggest merchandise of the Internet, Google.Inc takes in a pitch more to avoid people from getting biased from the Extremism videos that validate the promotion of Terrorism and stuff.

ADS play a vital key - it is also teaming up with Jigsaw, a company also owned by its parent company Alphabet Inc., to target online ads at potential ISIS recruits in hopes of diverting them to anti-terrorist videos.

Why do this criteria occur all of sudden?? A van struck a crowd of people outside a London mosque, and the second time an automobile was used as a weapon in that city this month, and less than a week after a gunman attacked GOP lawmakers on a baseball field.  This video has been trending on Youtube now!

London Mosque News Taken Down. (CBS NY)

It is more like a thought awakening content than just NEWS. Just to the fact that children will be watching it and will awaken up the demons in them. This Crackdown involves a series of Computer Programs and Technicians working on to remove and block the contents that promote violent videos which in turn helps VIOLENCE.

While interestingly this happened, 


for more read at : 

And earlier this month, British Prime Minister Theresa May, called on governments to form international agreements to prevent the spread of extremism online. Some proposed measures would hold companies legally accountable for the material posted on their sites, a liability that Google and other internet companies are trying to avert. 

 The Master-Mind Company clearly stated in their blog post with Google's general counsel Kent Walker wrote "the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done. Now." 

(Toward that end, Facebook last week pledged to use more advanced technology and more than 150 human reviewers to find and remove terrorist content before people see it on its social networking site.)

 Southern Poverty Law Center  A Anti-Hate group have spliced up Google and Facebook for promotion of Extremism Videos last month. (maybe happening)

Concept Art.

Google also is taking a tougher chance on videos that didn't clearly violate its policies but still offend broad wrath of society, like those that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist extreme content. YouTube won't remove those videos, but viewers will first have to click through an "interstitial" warning in order to see them.

ORBACLE Q's :  ( Validated Queries from Orbacles Lab )

How does that even avoid viewers from not watching it? This "Extremism" content is something like PORN in internet and whatever happens it will run at parallel space on the Internet! then why? #tryasking.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Gboard The Perfect Keyboard App, Tips and Tricks to Make it Even Great

Google Is Improvising the Keyboard(Gboard) App with Machine Intelligence (Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence)๐Ÿ˜œ.

Reena Lee, Product Manager @Google is Saying that Google's Very Own Keyboard App which recently got blended with Google Search and Formed as Gboard, is getting an upgrade.
But this time the update is in Creative New ways on cutting the time on texting.

This update Mainly Have these three New Tricks๐Ÿ˜ƒ
1. More Creative on Selection
This Trick what it does is, in the emoji section on your Gboard shows up a draw icon by which you can select and draw on the space provided in the app and Google bets that it can detect the drawing and find your emoji, isn't that awesome? This might be from one of the Google Experiments.   

Emoji Detection

2. More Personalized Text Predictions
Instead of repeating the same string of words again and again, this time the Gboard understands the context and Predicts and Suggests you the next word or phrase to be entered into the convo. But for Now, this feature is supported only for English and will be rolling out to more Languages ASAP. It's again another great assist from Google for People out there.

Phrase Prediction

3.Google Says 'We'll help you choose the Best'
In this Google will help you choose the best for You.
All you have to do is tap the google icon on the Gboard app in Top Left Corner and type, (Whatever) near me, And itll show you what you asked for with recommendations, ratings, and reviews. So you can map them and go there or call them without switching the app All of these can be done within the single application.

Choose Your one
Google Gboard now supports More than 200 Languages ๐ŸŽ‰

Mainly to try out these cool new Tricks you should be running the latest Version of the Gboard (V6.3).
If you don't own this app, that's not a big deal Get it here.

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Media Credits: The Keyword (Google), Google Play

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Google Photos - The Real Next Big Thing. Yes it is !!!

Well yeah, here we are at the Iron Hot Head Rod of the 2017 May Event of Google which is yearly known as Google I/O event and it's been really a warm welcoming one since all the events that had occured. Kicking the event off with Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google Inc.
People were cheering up a bit and became enthusiastic when he approached the stage and just started talking about the company's great
Anil at I/O
ideas into One.
And here we go with Google photos the next big thing that happened here at the IO.
Anil Satharwal,the Senior tech stuffed guy of Google has walked down to present the Photos. 

The Best Duo of Yesterday event.

Google Photos Update can be puffed up with 3 big advancements :
#1 : Suggested Sharing
#2 : Shared Libraries
#3 : Photo Books   

while battling up the order : 
#1 : Suggested Sharing :
Suggested sharing is one new format or method that has been formed just to share the selected photos with your friends at the next level
(ie) once you and your group of people heads out t somewhere and the long Photo Sharing saga hasn't ended like you've to spend lot of time on it  and here  comes Photos for your rescue. It allows you to share the photos just like that with their

 Photos App or if they don't have one also it encrypts to suitable formats like sms,mail or even their adaptable gallery format and sends to em and which is easy for em to view the shared one. 

#2 : Shared Libraries : 

Tired of having a doubt on your partner's daily basis activties? the people he/she meets and the photos they take? what if you got a chance of getting their photo at that instant without any delay? Yes, Shared Libraries gives you a better enhancement of Sharing your PHOTO TAKING LIBERTY to someone you trust the most and once you take any picture with anyone your trusted partner will be fetched in their gallery with that.Anil performed an ACT of getting a pic with the people here at IO and duplicate presence of his daughters Ava and Lily and displayed how faster the pics got into his wife Jess's device. AWESOME, aint that?
Precise PhotoBooks.

#3 : Photo Books :

Tired of heading to shop and reluctantly cropping your image for your photo album? Tired of all i didnt get a good photoalbum/book ?? Here's the goblet of fire : PHOTOBOOKS.
This feature will access the user to take the pics of a certain day and once it's done you've to get to Photo Books option and select the photos, even the google AI itself selects the best among, the low shots,blurred one and distorted one are removed. and finally it's made into a book of photos and will be get to you by printed within short days. 

If you ask us in personal the Google Photos update is the Choice of I/O quality as of Yesterday!!
And even the Team Google has offered the Free Copy of Photobook for every I/O attendant, WOW that's  just plain awesome.
Free Copies of Photobooks for all I/O attendants.

Get into the string of Us, we'll be updating your brain with I/O facts even the level you get exhausted and calls us to stop posting :)