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Monday, 21 August 2017

Arya Stark's Kill List

Arya Stark is now a fierceful Faceless Assasin trained in Braavos at House of Black and White, She is one of the Starks who is Alive at Winterfell ruling, she had a list of people to Kill who gives trouble to Her or Her friends and families.
Arya stark of winterfell
Arya Stark
Most of them are dead by now but let's see, who were in The list who still are and their Status.

Who was in her List but No longer are
King Joffrey
Joffrey Baratheon
He made it into Arya's List for a couple of reasons, for being one who is the reason for the Execution of her friend Mycah(Butcher's Boy), and Her Father Eddard(Ned) Stark, he has more reason than Anyone to Make it to Her List.

Dead. Poisoned at his own Wedding AKA Purple Wedding by Olenna Tyrell and Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger, The only thing is Arya didn't get to Finish him off. 

Tywin Lannister
Tywin lannister of casterly rock
Tywin Lannister
He is the Mastermind Behind the So called Red Wedding where Her Mother Catelyn Stark and her Brother Robb Stark were butchered at Walder Frey's The Twins with a Message Lannisters Send Their Regards

Dead. His own Son Tyrion shot him with a Crossbow while he was Using toilet at King's Landing, two arrows from Crossbow plunged through his Body, Arya's upset that she didn't get the chance to kill him.

Thoros of Myr

Thoros of Myr
Thoros of Myr

Same reason as of Beric Dondarrion for Selling Gendry to Melisandra Red Priestess and releasing The Hound.  

Thoros of Myr attacked by Zombie Polar Bear
Thoros of  Myr Death
Dead. Gets Teared up by a Zombie Polar Bear while going for a Hunt on a White Walker Beyond the Wall, so now Beric can't be back from Dead.  

Names She herself Crossed off from Her List
polliver game of thrones
The reason, why he made it to the list, as he is the one who killed her friend Lommy with her Sword "Needle".
Dead. The first one Arya kills who is from the list, she kills him with her Needle Piercing through his throat at an inn somewhere North. Killing him is where she gets her needle back and starts crossing of the Names of her List starting with him.

Rorge game of thrones
For threatening to rape her and for Torturing people at Harrenhal.
Dead. Arya killed him Piercing her Needle through his heart when he tried to Attack The Hound for the bounty on his head.

Ser Meryn Trant
Ser Meryn Trant
Meryn Trant
For killing Syrio Forel Arya's Water Dancing Teacher.
Ser Meryn Trant Death
Meryn Trant Death

Dead. So very Dead,Get's Himself dead at a Brothel in Braavos,  he gets stabbed in his both eyes, Arya Tells who she is and Slits his throat. This was the first time when Arya uses a Face from the Hall of Faces.

Walder Frey
Frey at Twins
Walder Frey
Don't you Know the Cruelest thing Happened in Game of Thrones, do you Want me to remind you about Red Wedding and The Man who Orchestrated it?
Walder Frey's death
Walder Frey Death
Dead.The Death we enjoyed after Purple Wedding of Joffrey, Epic kill ever by Arya serving him the Pie made out of his Lotha Walder and Black Walder and Slitting his Throat.

One's Who is still Breathing
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister in Iron Throne
Cersei Lannister
She is the one who Accuses Ned Stark, Arya's father of Treason. And puts him in Dark Cell for days which led to his Execution.

Sadly still Alive, i know your feel right, Saddest death is waiting for her by the one She loved I guess it will happen. But let's See will Arya Kills her or not.

Sandor Clegane (The Hound)
Sandor Clegane
The Hound
He is the one who killed Her friend Mycah(Butcher's Boy) on Joffrey's order.
Ser Sandor Clegane The Hound
The Hound
Alive. According to Arya he's dead, Arya left him to die after the One on One combat with Brienne of Tarth, but he got saved by Brother Ray and the Villagers, then he joins with Brotherhood without Banners heading North of the Wall.When their Path crosses again Probably Arya will let him live.

Beric Dondarrion
Beric Dondarrion with flaming Sword
Beric Dondarrion |Photo: HBO
The reason is for selling Gendry to Red Woman Melisandre and Releasing The Hound.

Alive. He died and got Alive for 6 times, according to him it was Lord of the Light who wants him alive and got saved by Thoros of Myr, Now Thoros is dead he has only one life Left. 

Melisandre (Red Woman)
Red woman red priestess
She s the one who took Gendry away to Dragonstone from Brotherhood without banners.

Alive, for a Really long time, she is the one who Introduces King in The North Jon Snow to Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen.When their paths cross Maybe Arya will let her live since Gendry is alive and Jon Snow is Alive only because of her.

Ser Ilyn Payne
Ser Ilyn Payne

He is the one Who Executed Ned Stark on Joffrey's order.

Alive. We haven't seen him for a Long time since Battle of BlackWater.

Ser Gregor Clegane(The Mountain)
Ser Gregor Clegane
The Mountain
He made it to the list because of Torturing people back at Harrenhal, and also for raiding in the Riverlands

Walking Dead, Oberyn killed him at the Trial by Combat for Tyrion, but disgraced Maester Qyburn brings him alive with his experiments.

Photo Credits | Game of Thrones Wikia

Let's see who Arya is gonna strike out of her List Next.
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Monday, 31 July 2017

Game of Thrones Upcoming episodes may be leaked - HBO Data breach

Just after few hours of Airing episode 3 in HBO a Hacker emailed with  URL to Download Game Of Thrones upcoming episodes as POC

A conversation from the hacker said:

“Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyber space era is happening. What’s its name? Oh I forget to tell. Its HBO and Game of Thrones……!!!!!! You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him. HBO is falling.”

After the incident Company, Spokeperson  replied  

“We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cybersecurity firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold.”

The Leaks also has the upcoming episodes of Series "Room 104" and "Baller", And this would be the first time Game Of Thrones will be pirated over Torrent sites before the official release in case the leak is legit

Game Of Thrones - Stormborn, Everything that Happened

A new Storm borns at Dragon Stone and Tyrion insists Daenerys that, this is how it was the Night she was born, Daenerys wishes that she would have known it, and She doesn't feel that as a Her Homecoming. Careful for Spoilers if  You Haven't Seen The episode yet!
daenerys at dragonstone in the throne
Daenerys at Dragonstone 
Eunuch Spider's Loyalty
Daenerys questions Lord Varys (aka Spider, Master of Whisperers who gathers information all over the seven kingdoms with the Whispers of his Little Birds) about his Loyalty and who he is loyal to. And he says that he is loyal to the Common peoples and their wellness. He swears to Daenerys that he won't betray her. And Daenerys Swears to him that She'll Burn Him alive if he does so.

If You Ever Betray Me I'll Burn You Alive
- Daenerys Targaryen 
Varys Swears to Daenerys
A Meet with Melisandre and an Invite to Jon Snow
A Red Priestess(Ones who serve the Lord Of Light) named Melisandre arrives at Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys and to make her Aware of the "Long Night to Come" with the Prophecy
The Long Night is Coming only The Prince who was Promised can Bring the Dawn
- Melisandre
And She insists that Daenerys have a Role to Play, and Continues "As does another", The King in The North, Jon Snow. Tyrion Lannister trusts Jon Snow and tells Daenerys he would make a Powerful ally. Daenerys asks to send a Raven North to Summon Jon Snow.
Daenerys's Squad and Melisandre
Jon Discuss with Sansa and Davos Meeting Daenerys
Jon gets a raven from the Dragonstone with words by Tyrion to come to Dragonstone and Bend the Knee to the Dragon Queen. On visiting Dragonstone Sansa thinks that it may be a kind of  Trap, but All Dwarfs are Bastards in their Father's Eyes Jon Says that line was Said by Tyrion on the night he met with him. Sansa says Tyrion is not like other Lannisters, and he was kind to her.
Davos insists on making ally with Daenerys to defend from the Night King and his armies.
Jon Snow Discussing
Cersei Calls House Tyrell's Bannermen to fight on Her Side
Cersei tries to keep house Tyrell's bannermen with her side, by bashing out Mad King's Daughter and calls her Army, Army of Savages, consisting of Unsullied soldiers and Dothraki Horde. And Cersei Talks ill of Daenerys's Justice of Crucifying the Lords in the Slaver's Bay, and tells them that Dany served them to her Dragons when she grew bored of them. These are the Words, as you know to seed Fear in their hearts and make them to Fight on her side. And Jaime convinces Randyll Tarly of Hornhill and his Army to fight with Cersei's and also wants Randyll to be his Ranking General, by doing so you can be the Warden of the South when all ends, says Jaime.
Cersei Dealing with Tyrell's Bannermen
"To Defend The Dragons"
Cersei wants something to defend from Daenerys's Dragons so Qyburn researches, and Might have Found out a way to Defend, he takes Cersei Below the Throne room where Robert's Trophies(Dragon Skulls) were kept, and Shows her the Skull of Balerion the Dread, One of  the Dragons which  Aegon rode and Conquered the Seven Kingdoms, Whose Breathe forged the Iron Throne The Biggest Dragon which the Westeros have seen, Drogon is Little Smaller when compared.
Skul of  Balerion the Dread
Qyburn been working on a weapon to kill the dragons as he heard from the Fighting Pits of Mereen that the Dragons too can be wounded, and Says "If they can be Wounded they can be Killed", he thinks that his Weapon, Humongous Crossbow can kill the Dragons of Dany, it probably may probably not, lets Hope Dany's Dragons can Zig Zag.
Qyburn's Crossbow to kill Dragons
Dany Promises Peace Back to Westeros
Yara insists on hitting King's Landing ASAP, so that they Can take the Throne within a day, but more innocent lives will be lost doing so, Dany pick's up Tyrion's line and says "I'm not here to be Queen of the Ashes". Olenna tells Daenerys to no to be like her Grand Daughter Margery, and Dany says she won't be attacking king's landing instead Tyrion has other ideas to lay Siege to the Capital and make Cersei and their people Starve, but siege won't be having Foreigners (Dothraki and Unsullied).
So the Army should be Westerosi, and Tyrell and Martell are providing them, Two great Kingdom united against Cersei. And the Unsullied's Objective is to travel to the Casterly Rock and Take it Tyrion explains the Plan like a Master and everybody gets stunned by his Strategy.
And Dany has talked with Lady Olenna and promises her Peace back to Westeros, and Olenna advices Dany to ignore clever men to outlive everyone and Tells her not to be a Sheep, Be a Dragon.
Dany's Council
I May Have Found a Way to cure Greyscale
Samwell Tarly at Citadel thinks that Jorah's Greyscale can be treated and he might have a chance to no to live with the Stonemens at the Valyria.
Samwell gets some techniques to cure Greyscale from the book "Archmaester Pylos on Rare Diseases" and takes matters into his own hand and moves forward treating Ser Jorah from the Greyscale's Effects, Samwell takes a risk on this where no one else won't even try.
Samwell starts removing the entire Upper layer Greyscale infected tissues Jorah Groans in pain. Lets Hope Samwell doesn't get Greyscales trying to save Jorah from it.
Samwell Treating Jorah's Greyscale
Arya Reunion Streak Begins
Hello, Hot Pie! Says, Arya, when Hot pie figures out Arry Arya gets food from him, and she likes the pie, when she says so He tells her Secret on Making a pie, and Arya replies She didn't do that, Ring Any Bells? She says so because she made Pie for Walder Frey using His Sons, back in season 6; that's where it refers to.
And Hot Pie asks Arya about Brienne, whether she found her, Arya replies She Found Me.
Arya says she is heading to King's Landing to meet with the queen, and Hot Pie tells about the Battle of Bastards and Jon is now the King in the North so here begins the Stark Reunions, When she heard of that she picks up the Horse and Moves towards North to Winterfell. This is just the Beginning, more reunions and Arya's Heroism to come.
Arya Meets with Hot Pie
Jon Decides to Meet with Dragon Queen
Jon gets a Raven from Citadel by Samwell Tarly as we have seen in the Episode 1 Dragonstone of this season. So the necessity of Dragonglasss the Weapon to fight with White Wakers is more than anything else that matters, as we have seen in the promo for episode 3, Queen's justice Jon meets with Dragon Queen who may be his Aunt. Jon leaves the Winterfell with the Hands of Sansa until he returns.
King in the north
Jon Snow
This is where we can witness the Game of Thrones played by Petyr Baelish to make Sansa the Queen in the North and to Make her by his side sitting on the iron throne as he pictures always. And when he says He loves Sansa same as he Loved her Mother Jon Grows on Angst and Starts Choking Baelish (same as Ned Stark did back in Season 1 at Petyr's Brothel) down on the Crypt near Ned Stark, and Lyanna Stark's Statue and Quotes
"Touch My Sister and i'll Kill You Myself"
Most Probably Little finger won't Survive this season.Now that Arya is heading home it's Hard for him to Persist.
jon snow and petyr baelish

Arya With Her Direwolf
As Arya's reunions have begun now, she meets with her Direwold Nymeria which she sends away in order to save its life back in Season 1, Now it's grown way bigger and owns a Pack of wolves and leads them when Arya, See her she burst's in Joy but when Nymeria Leaves Arya, she says its not you, which is again a phrase which Arya Says to Ned Stark when he insists she will be having her own castle one day Arya Replies, "Its not me" same goes to her Direwolf too.
arya with nymeria her direwolf
 Their relationship won't end here due to the CG budget for Dragons they may have made this decision to not to have more CG on Direwolf than Dragons, they have just shown you the Glimpse that Nymeria is alive and leads a Pack of Wolves. She may get a Major rule in the Future Watch out.

Greyjoys VS Greyjoys
Greyjoy battle gave a good start for the battles to come, and this battle depicts how much cruel Euron Greyjoy really is, he Killed 2 sand snakes of Dorne Obara Sand and Nymeria Sand.
So the Euron's Gift to Cersei is Ellaria Sand for sure as he sent Cersei Myrcella's Necklace in the Fangs of a Snake as a Gift and she is the one who killed Myrcella by poisoning her by a kiss, so Euron  Decided to bring her as his Gift to Cersei.
Euron greyjoy holding yara greyjoy

So now the whole plan Tyrion made will be collapsed if Dornish doesn't back with Tyrell army on the siege, and seems like Lannister army is heading to High Garden to take their castle which has supplies for the soldiers, so Tyrion's plan is collapsing because of Euron's Entrance as a big bad villain who took Ellaria and her Daughter Tyene Sand along with his Neice Yara Greyjoy, so now the Greyjoy fleet has been destroyed which is a major part of Daenery's Fleet to conquer Westeros.
Reek effect is back with  Little Theon, as he jumped off the ship when his Sister is in need of his help who was held by his uncle Euron, on hearing the screaming sounds all around the ship he got the same effect when he was with Ramsay Bolton, as his creature Reek which rhymes weak.
theon greyjoy jumping off the ship

The Final Greyjoy battle in this episode was an epic one and stands in front of the other upcoming battles, mostly there will be more battles in episode 3, Lannisters vs The Unsullied, Lannisters vs Tyrells where Randyll Tarly is backing Lannisters.

The Great War is here.

For more further updates on Game of Thrones stay Close!  

Monday, 24 July 2017

Netflix blew the Comic Con - Yes they did!

Netflix - One of the prominent TV series company that generates quality Sitcoms also known to be in all genres that satisfies the user requirements on the large scale, participated actively on the San Diego Comic Con 2017. 

Wherever you go Netflix follows You.

Netflix was present in almost all the presentations yesterday and can't let take our eyes off them. Hall H was alloted to Netflix and they almost cleaved the overall Hall go crazy about their work on a Full Length Feature Film also known to be the highest budget film by Netflix which is "BRIGHT", lol it's titled that way.

Netflix was kind of Not well assured for audience vibe over the event and also known to be the Best TV sitcoms kind of thing, then came out the House of
Cards in 2013 and that blew the rants of Netflix over the hour. One of the prominent series that went all over the globe with all due respect and made movie makers to Pitch in Series making process vi Netflix and notably Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan into the TV series making.

Last Year's Netflix with Marvel Affiliation in the Comic Con considered the former release of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders (glimpse) etc to set back the chair from the audience at the Ballroom 20 . This year's Comic Con was alloted by Hall H to Netflix and people who are basically Game of Thrones fans and they don't hope to see the Filming of Netflix all at once.

But things changed different and "Strange"  once while the trailers of Bright, Death Note and Stranger Things season 2 were aired they gave up the way out of their mercy towards their OLD and NEW gods. People started to shout surprisingly when they took the Game.


 The Big Budget Will Smith production film has received the highest response over the area and not probably cause of the reach it has given. This film has stood in the mainstream of other Marvel - DC and WB pictures. Most importantly Death Note was a surprise kick to the customers of comic con where they ought to expect something bigger and they got something big better and nostalgic vibrancy. 

Stranger Things Season 2 :

Noah Schnapp portayal of WILL is back from the Upside Down, as if it really left him, goes to an Arcade with his Friends the group and things turns out strange there. 
  Will's Mom still appears to be concerning a lot about her son - Joyce Byers portrayed by Winona Ryder.   
And Then Comes out our Officer Hopper portrayed by David Harbour is here to the rescue as he's significant point in season 1
Catch up our BREAKDOWN on the Stranger Things season 2 trailer here :
Stranger Things Season 2 trailer Breakdown - orbacles  

After events : Driving home just how important Stranger Things and Bright were to the company’s Comic-Con strategy was the Netflix brand activation itself. Marvel shows may have been the focus last year, but across the street from the convention center this year, they were afforded little more than some costume displays and selfie photo ops. Stranger Things, on the other hand, featured a small tent with props, promotional giveaways like Stranger Things hats, a VR encounter with the Demogorgon, and a funereal tribute to Shannon Purser’s Barb. 

The Defenders.

 The Defenders is a group of Humans who play heroes with some skill sets, and the team consists of Daredevil - Devil of Hell's kitchen, a blind Ninja
Jessica Jones - Private Detective with some Crazy skills

Luke Cage - Bullet Proof Harlem's Hero
Iron Fist - Protector of K'un-Lun


They are the heroes who fight The Hand and defend the New York city from Destruction.

The latest trailer of Defenders has been dropped in the Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic-Con it reveals more to come to the Show.

Catch more up on The Defenders Comic Con trailer !

Stay Close to Orbacles for the instant and important update about the SDCC 2017.